Osun State University School Fees


Osun State University is an excellent choice for many students in Osun and many neighboring states.

The university is many students’ first choice because of its special learning equipment and quality education. 

So, the first thing you would want to know when interested in enrolling is the school fees.  

It’s essential to know the school fees and other fees before making your final choice.

Osun State University School

In this article, we’ll unveil Osun State University School fees and other fees associated with it, and FAQ related to it. 

About Osun State University

Osun State University (UNIOSUN) is a public university in Osogbo, the capital city of Osun State, Nigeria. 

It was established in 2006 as a multi-campus institution, with its main situated in Osogbo and six other campuses spread across different towns in the state.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study.

Some are natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, management sciences, and law. 

Some popular programs offered by UNIOSUN include Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Law, Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health.

UNIOSUN provides quality education to its students through innovative teaching methods, practical training, and research-oriented programs. 

The university boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to excel in their respective fields.

There are associated costs with studying at UNIOSUN, including tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other related expenses.

However, the university offers various financial assistance to eligible students, including scholarships, grants, and student loans, to help them offset these costs and focus on their academic pursuits.

Osun State University 2023/2024 School Fees


You can visit the university’s portal website or contact the school’s admissions office for the most up-to-date information on tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other related expenses for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Osun State University 2023/2024 School Fees For Freshers and Returning Students 

Department100 Level and 200 Level Direct Entry Students (Freshers)200 Level – Returning Students  300 Level, Direct Entry (Returning Students)400500 
Banking & Finance, Geography, Entrepreneurial Studies130,000.00130,000.00130,000.00130,000.00130,000.00
Nursing, Law, Public Health, MLS, Radiography & Radiation Science195,000.00195,000.00195,000.00195,000.00195,000.00
All EngineeringCourses155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00
Accounting, Business Administration, Industrial Relations & Personnel Management155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00
Sciences including Anatomy, Physiology, Education Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Pharmacology155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00
Economics, Political science155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00155,000.00

Other Fees 

Apart from tuition fees, Osun State University has various fees and tuition fees.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the other fees and their approximate amounts:

Acceptance fees40,000.00
Faculty/Departmental Due2,500.00
GNS Course Materials4,000.00
Entrepreneurial Training20,000.0
Laboratory/Bench fee/field trip0 – 10,500.00 – 25,000, 50,000
Medical Test15,000.00
Caution Payment10,000.00
Student Handbook1,500.00
Student InsuranceMatriculation Fee1,000.002,500.00
  • Note: The above fees can change anytime; it’s best to keep in touch with the Osun State University school fees dashboard.


How much is Osun State University’s School Fee?

Osun State University school fees vary based on the program of study and the level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate).

Undergraduate tuition fees range from approximately N80,000 to N150,000 per academic session.

However, postgraduate tuition fees range from approximately N130,000 to N180,000 per academic session.

How Do I Pay Osun State University School Fees?

Osun State University has various methods to pay school fees suitable to the students.

Some of these are; online payments through the school’s official website, bank transfer, or direct bank deposit. 

Does Osun State University Offer Scholarships or Financial Aid?


Yes, Osun State University offers many scholarships and financial aid options to eligible students to help offset the cost of tuition fees and other related expenses. Like the Osun State Government Scholarship, the Osun State Scholarship for Orphans, and the UNIOSUN Scholarship for Merit. The university also offers student loans to help students finance their education.

Are there other Fees in addition to Tuition Fees at Osun State University?

Yes, there are other fees in addition to tuition fees at Osun State University, including acceptance fees, accommodation fees, medical fees, and student union fees. 

Can I pay my Osun State University school fees in installments?

Yes, Osun State University allows students to pay their school fees in installments. 

Compare Other School fees in Nigeria


After reading the post, you will know the actual school fees of Osun State University for 2023/2024 and many more you need to know before enrollment to the university. 

The school fees may seem high, but the quality of education and facilities provided make it a worthwhile investment in your future. 

With the proper preparation and determination, you can achieve your academic goals and build a successful career with the help of Osun State University.

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