Unilorin School Fees 2022/2023


Wondering why most admission seekers prefer the University of Ilorin?

The reason is not far-fetched if not for its fair calendar usage and affordable school fees.

Since the University is one of the most sought-after universities in Nigeria, there is a need to know the university’s school fees.

About Unilorin

The University of Ilorin, also known as unilorin is popularly called better by far.

It is a great citadel of knowledge owned by the federal government.

The federal university situated in Ilorin, Kwara State was established in 1975.

Also, it was approved by the Nigerian University governing body (NUC) to award degree and post-graduate certifications to students.

The university was established to provide more opportunities for Nigerians aspiring to acquire a university education.

Besides it also aims to generate high-level manpower which is a vital tool for expanding the economy at large.

The first set of 200 students was admitted on 23 October 1976 after an entrance examination was conducted for them.

In the early years the University College started with three academic faculties:

  • Arts, 
  • Science and
  • Education.

However, as time goes on the university expanded to include various faculties such as;

  • Engineering and Technology,
  • Social Sciences,
  • Clinical Sciences,
  • Agriculture, 
  • Environmental Sciences,
  •  Life Sciences,
  •  Physical Sciences, 
  • Law
  • Communication and Information Sciences among others.

All the facilities listed above and others are blessed with outstanding and dedicated lecturers.

However, to get the most out of this citadel of knowledge there is a need for you to know the Unilorin School fees.

Unilorin School Fee

Unilorin School fees vary depending on the program of study.

Below is the fee for both fresh and returning students for the 2023/ 2024 academic session.

Unilorin School Fee for New Students

Unilorin School Fee for New Students for the 2023/2024 academic session is as follows.

Faculty Fee
Agriculture ₦25,000
Basic Medical Sciences₦25,400
Clinical Sciences₦25,900
Communication & Information Sciences₦25,000
Education₦25,000- ₦27,000
Engineering and Technology₦25,000- ₦27,000
Environmental Sciences₦25,000
Life Sciences₦23,000- ₦24,000
Management Sciences₦23,000
Pharmaceutical Sciences₦27,000
Physical Sciences₦25,000
Social Sciences₦25,000
Veterinary Medicine₦25,000

Unilorin School Fee for Returning Students

Below is the breakdown of unilorin school fees for returning students.

Faculty Fee
Agriculture ₦14,800- ₦60,000
Art₦14,900 – ₦85,000
Basic Medical Sciences₦23,800 – ₦37,800
Clinical Sciences₦23,800 – 41,300
Communication & Informational Sciences₦14,900 – ₦26,900
Education₦14,900 – ₦18,900
Engineering and Technology₦14,900 – ₦17,900
Environmental Sciences₦19,900 – ₦22,900
Law₦13,900 – ₦15,900
Life Sciences₦14,900 – ₦17,900
Management Sciences₦12,900 – ₦14,900
Pharmaceutical Sciences₦14,900 – ₦24,400
Physical Sciences₦14,900- ₦24,400
Social Sciences₦13,000 – ₦26,900
Veterinary Medicine₦19,900- ₦22,900

Note that the fee for each course differs.

Other Fees

Aside from school fees, unilorin also charges other fees for its students.

Some of which are:

  • Faculty charges
  • Acceptance fee
  • Health
  • Hostel fee (optional) among others.


Q: How do I log in as a fresh or returning student?

A: All fresh and returning students are to login by clicking on the Login link.

Q: How do I login as a candidate seeking admission?

A: All candidates seeking admission will login through the Pre-Admission Screening Login link on the left-hand side to check their admission status.

Q: What is my default login password?

A: The DEFAULT login password for all fresh and returning students is their surname.

Q: How Do I Pay my unilorin School Fees for 2023

A: To pay your unilorin school fee you will need to visit the University portal.

Then you Input all the required details.

After that generate an Invoice and pay your fees online using your debit card.

Ultimately, print out your school fees receipt.

Q: How much is the Unilorin Acceptance fee

A: Unilorin charges a nonrefundable acceptance fee of ₦25,000 to all fresh students.

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Final Thought

Unilorin School fee is one of the affordable fees among the federal institutions in Nigeria.

Besides, the school runs an adequate calendar which enables you to finish your chosen course at the exact time.

Enroll in Unilorin today and experience a life-changing education. 

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