Lead City University School Fees 2022/2023


Lead City University (LCU), which is in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, has announced the new session school fees for its students who will be getting their undergraduate degrees there. Here is a breakdown of the Lead City University school fees.

About Lead City University

Lead City University is a private institution that was founded in 2005 by educators and business professionals who sought to create a higher education institution of excellence. 

Lead City University School Fees

LCU offers undergraduate degrees in the fields of Arts, Science, Education, and Business Administration also, the University’s academic curriculum is designed to prepare qualified candidates for Direct Entry admission into bachelor’s degree programs at top-tier universities around the world.

In addition to higher education opportunities, LCU offers a wide range of professional and personal development programs that are valuable in both today’s workplace and beyond. 

These classes teach things like how to manage your time, how to be a good leader, how to communicate well, how to deal with stress, and more.

Available programs designed specifically for business professionals who seek to improve their career prospects also abound at LCU.

The academic curriculum at Lead City University is innovative, interactive, and student-centred. In addition to a focus on core subjects such as language arts, mathematics, and sciences; LCU also offers students exceptional elective course options in a wide variety of subjects, including

The university was Founded by Eduserve Consult an international consultancy firm with over 20 years of experience. They work with educational institutions to improve outcomes and quality and support staff members with the goal of developing a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in the education industry.

Lead City University school fees 2022/2023

Below are lists of lead university school fees according to their courses

Social Science 1 Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Politics and Inter. Rel.₦510,000
Social Science 2 )Entrepreneurship, Banking & Finance₦350,000
Social Science 3 Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Marketing₦350,000
Mass Comm. & Info. Science and Media Studies₦650,000
Applied Science & Info. Tech. 1 Computer Sciences₦850,000
Applied Science & Info. Tech. 2 Environmental Mgt & Toxicology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Science Lab. Tech., Public Health, Estate Management, Architectural Science₦325,000
Social Work₦325,000
Applied Science & Info. Tech. 3 Biology, Chemistry, Physics with Electronics, Human Anatomy, Physiology₦350,000
Medical Laboratory Science₦1,500,000
Nursing Science₦1,500,000
Architectural Science₦650,000
Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Human Kinetics & Sports Science/PHE₦350,000
Education, Guidance & Counselling₦350,000
Education (Sandwich Option)₦150,000
Office Info. Management, Library & Info. Sc.₦250,000
Public Administration₦350,000
Industrial Relation and Personel Management₦350,000
Environmental Health Science₦350,000
Community Health₦350,000
Health Information Management₦350,000
Arts Performing Art, English & Literary Studies₦350,000
Microbiology, Biochemistry₦325,000
(All Engineering), Pharmacy, Brewing Science, Geosciences, Information System, Information Technology, Forensic Science, Cyber Security₦650,000
Access Diploma Programme/JUPEB₦275,000
2-Year Diploma Programmes₦150,000

You can always get an updated version of the school fees on the school website.

Lead city university acceptance fees

LCU Fresh acceptance fees are ₦10,000 for every fresh student being admitted into the university, so once you have been accepted and you’ve paid your acceptance fee, you will be notified of your registration day. 

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Does Lead City University do post-UTME or screening?

Lead City University does not do screening, a student can still apply to LCU by contacting the Admission Office.

If a student has successfully completed their post-UTME, the Admissions Office will allow them to become a bonafide student of the school by granting them admissions that would prove that they are now certified candidates of the university.

How much is the accommodation at Lead City University?

Accommodation costs vary based on whether you choose a single room, an executive single room, or an executive double-bedded room.

Single rooms cost 150,500, executive single rooms cost 300,000, and executive double-bedded rooms are 150,000.

Does Lead City University offer scholarships?

Yes, The University is committed to providing an opportunity for all qualified and deserving students to pursue a quality education, irrespective of their economic circumstances, this makes it why scholarships are offered for financial assistance to those eligible students who do not have enough money for tuition, books, and living expenses.


Universities are currently not cheap, however, Lead City University’s tuition reflects that, but if you’re willing to put in the work, Lead City University has a lot to offer. 

There are plenty of scholarships and financial aid available for students who qualify, however, without scholarships, tuition can be a very big issue for some families.

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