FCE Zaria School Fees (2022/2023)


Paying school fees is a necessary but often daunting aspect of tertiary education. 

FCE Zaria, being one of the leading federal colleges of education in Nigeria, is no exception to this.

FCE Zaria School Fees

The institution offers quality education and facilities, which come at a price. 

In this article, we will take a look at the FCE Zaria school fees and other fees related to it. 

About Federal College of Education

FCE Zaria, also known as the Federal College of Education Zaria, is a federal government-owned tertiary institution.

It is located in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. 

The college was established in 1962 as the Advanced Teachers’ College Zaria.

However, it was later converted into a federal education college in 1985.

The institution offers various programs leading to the award of the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE).

And a Degree in Education in affiliation with Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

FCE Zaria has three schools: 

  • The School of Arts and Social Sciences,
  • The School of Education, and 
  • The School of Languages. 

Furthermore, the institution has modern facilities such as a library, computer center, lecture halls, laboratories, and sports facilities. 

Ultimately, FCE Zaria has a rich history of producing highly trained and skilled teachers.

These teachers are well-equipped to handle the challenges of the Nigerian educational system. 

FCE Zaria School Fees 

FCE Zaria is a highly reputable tertiary institution in Nigeria, offering quality education and modern facilities to its students. 

As with all tertiary institutions, FCE Zaria requires its students to pay school fees to cover various expenses.

The school fees at FCE Zaria vary depending on the course of study and level of education.

B.Ed/BSc. (Ed) 450 Level Arts₦16,050
B.Ed/BSc. (Ed) 450 Level Science and Voc & Tech₦17,400
NCE 1 Arts₦25,000
NCE 1 Science and Voc & Tech₦30,700
B.Ed/BSc. (Ed.) 400 Level Arts ₦32,100
B.Ed/BSc. (Ed) 100/200 Level Arts₦40,000
B.Ed/BSc. (Ed) 300 Level Science and Voc & Tech₦34,350
NCE 3 Science and Voc & Tech₦21,400
B.Ed/BSc. (Ed) 100/200 Level Science and Voc & Tech₦44,000
NCE 3 Arts ₦19,100
NCE 2 Arts₦22,800
NCE 2 Science and Voc & Tech₦27,100

Yet, the school fees for degree students affiliated with Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, differ from those for NCE students.

Despite the differences, FCE Zaria school fees are generally affordable compared to other tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

The fees cover various expenses such as tuition, accommodation, registration, and other charges. 

Also, the institution offers different payment plans to ease the financial burden on its students. 

Finally, students who excel academically or demonstrate exceptional leadership skills can apply for these scholarships.

Doing this will help to offset their school fees.

FCE Zaria Other Fees 

Apart from the tuition and accommodation fees, FCE Zaria charges other fees.

These fees are necessary for the smooth running of the institution.

The FCE fees vary based on the course of study. 

Some of the other fees charged by FCE Zaria include:

T-ship Fee ₦2,000
Certificate Processing Fee ₦3,000
NYSC Processing Fee₦3,000
Affiliation Fees ₦3,000
Students’ Social Activities Services Fee ₦1,000
Students’ Social Welfare Services Fee ₦1,000
Registration Fees ₦18,000– ₦31,850


Q: What are the School Fees for FCE Zaria?

A: The school fees for FCE Zaria vary depending on the course of study and level of education. 

Also, the Federal Government of Nigeria usually determines the fees and is subject to change occasionally. 

However, the fees are generally affordable compared to other tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Q: What Other Fees Does FCE Zaria Charge Besides Tuition and Accommodation Fees?

A: FCE Zaria charges other fees such as registration fees, medical fees, library fees, sports fees, and ID card fees. 

Q: Does FCE Zaria Offer Scholarships? 

A: Yes, FCE Zaria offers scholarship opportunities to its students who meet specific academic criteria.

Q: What Payment Plans are Available for FCE Zaria School Fees?

A: FCE Zaria offers different payment plans to ease the financial burden on its students.

Students can pay their fees in installments or a lump sum. 

Q: How can I confirm the Current Fees for FCE Zaria?

A: Students can confirm the current fees for FCE Zaria by visiting the institution’s official website or designated offices. 

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Final Thought

After reading the article, you now know that FCE Zaria has reasonable school fees for the quality of education and facilities it offers. 

Paying school fees may seem like a significant financial burden, but it is good to invest in your future. 

FCE Zaria is an excellent institution to consider for a career in education.

Ultimately, it has highly trained lecturers, modern facilities, and vital academic programs.

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