Sumo Roofing Sheet Price in Nigeria: May 2024


The Sumo roofing sheet, though not new in the market but may be new to some, is also a long-span Aluminum roofing sheet. Hence, Sumo roofing sheet prices in Nigeria should be known if you intend to use these beautiful roofing sheets for the roofing of your building. 

You are aware that your building is in disarray without the proper roofing sheet. This is due to the fact that a poor-quality roofing sheet will expose your interior to a lot of outside factors.

This blog post will highlight one of the best roofing sheets you can use to safeguard and enhance the appearance of your building in order to prevent such depressing incidents.

Besides, I will tell you the exact original Sumo roofing sheet price in Nigeria so that you can do your roofing calculation yourself provided you know the number of Sumo roofing sheets that will be sufficient to roof your construction project.

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About Sumo Roofing Sheet

Sumo roofing sheet is a long-span aluminium roofing sheet. It is made from metal Al. The Sumo roofing sheet is one of the latest designs of long-span aluminium roofing sheets.

Thus, it is one of the most widely used. The Sumo roofing sheet has a unique design that will make you identify it easily. The design runs like a step at the surface of the sheets with a breaking design at the transverse axis.


Since the Sumo roofing sheet is a long-span aluminum roofing sheet it is higher in terms of thickness. Also, its length and width are wider than the short-span sheets. Ultimately, it is durable and lasts long.

Sumo Roofing Sheet Price In Nigeria

It is worth noting that the Sumo roofing sheet comes in various designs. Thus, the prices vary; the newest and latest designs are always costlier than the old ones.

The price of a Sumo roofing sheet ranges from ₦2,500 to ₦3,500 depending on the design, thickness, and square meter.

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Wrapping Up

The exact Sumo roofing sheet price has been a major problem for builders for the past years because of the unstable economic situation in the country. Nevertheless, the Sumo roofing sheet price given in this post is the actual price as of the time of writing this article.

However, there may be changes due to your location, the manufacturer, or the supplier of the roofing sheet. Another important factor that affects the Sumo roofing sheet price is the foreign exchange rate.

This is because the roofing sheets are obtained from the imported rolled sheets of aluminium and then processed into the desired design and shapes.

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