Bowen University School Fees for the 2022/2023 Session


Are you there seeking to find out about the Bowen university school fees breakdown which includes all expenses altogether for students during their academic career at the institution including tuition, accommodation and feeding, medical services, books and stationery, transportation, and miscellaneous expenditure as well as other items not included in the basic tuition fee like Examination/Registration fees, Utility bills, etc?

Below, we have discussed the Bowen university school fees breakdown by each faculty. 

Bowen University School sTRUCTURES

About Bowen University

Bowen University is a private institution of higher learning located in Iwo, Osun State. It was founded by a group of visionaries in Nigeria in the year 2001. 

More than 4,500 students and 10,000 alumni are studying at Bowen University, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of fields.

The university is organized into six academic faculties: Arts and Social Sciences, Basic Medical Science, Engineering, Environmental Science and Management, Science Education, and Arabic Language.

Bowen University is dedicated to making quality education available and accessible to students of all backgrounds. That’s why it offers a full-tuition scholarship for qualified Nigerian citizens and reduced tuition for qualified non-Nigerians. 

Below is a list of some of the Courses offered at the universities 

  • Biochemistry
  • Micro Biology
  • Pure and Applied Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Physics and solar energy
  • Agricultural science

Bowen University School Fees

Below is a schedule of Bowen University school fees

Faculty of art

All courses ₦633,000 apart from Religious studies which is N213,000

Faculty of Law

School fees: ₦970,000

Faculty of Sciences

School fees ₦634,000

CourseFreshers 200 levels
Accounting & Finance₦937,400₦967,400
Agricultural Extension and Social Engineering₦582,900₦612,900
Agricultural Science₦726,900₦756,900
Business Administration₦897,400₦927,400
Communication Arts₦897,000₦927,000
Computer Science₦790,000₦820,000
Cyber Security₦1,010,000₦1,040,000
Electrical and Electronics₦1,010,000₦1,040,000
Food Science & Technology₦748,900₦778,900
History and International Studies₦897,000₦927,000
Industrial Chemistry₦919,400₦919,400
Industrial Relations & Personnel Management₦897,400₦927,000
Information Technology₦910,000₦940,000
International Relations₦897,400₦927,000
Mass Communications₦937,400₦967,400
Medical Laboratory Science₦1,310,400₦1,340,400
Medicine and Surgery₦3,510,000₦3,540,000
Nursing and Nursing Science₦1,266,900₦1,296,900
Nutrition & Dietetics₦704,900₦734,900
Physics and Solar Energy₦897,400₦927,000
Politics and Law₦1,110,000₦1,040,000
Political Science₦937,400₦967,400
Public Health₦977,400₦1,007,400
Pure & Applied Biology₦770,900₦800,900
Religious Studies₦495,900₦525,900
Software Engineering₦1,010,000₦1,040,000
Surveying and Geo-Informatics₦710,000₦740,000
Theatre Arts₦770,900₦800,900

For 100 Level/Transfer/Direct Entry Students

70% payment of School fees is expected to be paid at the commencement of the session while the balance of 30% is expected to be paid at the commencement of the second semester.

New Plan approved by the School Council:

  • 50% at the beginning of the session
  • 20% before the commencement of the first-semester examination
  • 20% at the beginning of the 2nd semester
  • 10% before the commencement of the second-semester examination

Bowen university Hostel fee

Bowen University is a place for students to live and study and students are all accommodated in the hostel and have access to facilities, the rooms can either be double or single. 

The cost of an academic session for accommodation and conveniences is ₦180,000 which includes food, electricity, and water bills; laundry service; internet connectivity; tuition fees at Bowen University School Fees.

Compare Other Private Universities School fees in Nigeria


Is Hostel compulsory in Bowen University?

Staying in the hostel is compulsory at Bowen University, the hostels offer a great environment to meet other students, and all the facilities are provided such as meals, laundry, wifi, etc.

The living conditions at Bowen University are really good; the rooms are clean and there is no noise from outside so it provides a conducive place for studying. 

It has been reported that most of the other fees including the internet connection have been fixed which made it more enjoyable to live on campus with its modern facilities.

This practice common among Private Universities in Nigeria

Does Bowen University accept installment payments?

Yes, Bowen University School of Medicine accepts installment payments, however, the three installment payments are always approved based on the timeline of the various clinical years. 

The first installment payment will be due before or during the first year, the second installment payment will be due before or during the second year and the third installment payment will be due before or during the third year

Is Bowen University Expensive?

No, unlike other private universities in Nigeria, Bowen University is not expensive. It is a great option for students who are looking for a budget-friendly institution. 

The cost of tuition in private universities in Nigeria ranges from ₦240,000 to ₦2Million which makes Bowen just the perfect choice for their school fees cost starts at ₦208,470 for an academic session which makes it an affordable choice for many people to school at the university, along with the variety of programs offered and the competitive prices amongst other top private universities, Bowen University remains one of the best universities in Nigeria.


The fee for Bowen University is quite cheap compared to other private universities in Nigeria, and considering the quality of education offered at this institution, it is worth every penny to school at Bowen University.

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