Anambra State University School Fees


Anambra State University is also known as Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University.

It is a good learning background for students in Anambra and nationwide. 

Anambra State University has the background of having the cheapest school fees in Nigeria.

In 2007/2008, the school fees were as low as ₦13,000 before being adjusted to ₦26,000 –  ₦31,000.

Anambra State University School Fees

In this article, we will discuss the Anambra State University school fees for fresh and returning students for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Hence, sit back and read along.

About Anambra State University 

Anambra State University (ANS) is a state-owned institution of higher learning located in southeastern Nigeria.

Established in 2000 and has since grown to become one of the leading universities in the country.

The University has several faculties.

Some include;

  • Faculty of Agriculture.
  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of Management Sciences.
  • Faculty of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences.
  • Faculty of Environmental Sciences.
  • And Faculty of Social Sciences. 

These faculties offer various courses and programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees.

Ultimately, the University is a commitment to research and innovation.

Some of the research centers are;

  • Center for Igbo Studies.
  • Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.
  • And the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies. 

Anambra State University School Fees

Anambra State University, like most universities in Nigeria, charges tuition fees for students who attend the institution.

The school fees for Anambra State University vary depending on the faculty, program, and level of study.

Accordingly, for undergraduate programs, the school fees for Anambra State University range from ₦76,950 to ₦124,950.

Also, for postgraduate programs, the school fees for Anambra State University range from ₦111,450 to ₦146,450.

DepartmentFirst year (Fresher)Second yearThird yearFourth-yearFifth year
Pharmaceutical Sciences₦201,815.00₦201,315.00₦201,315.00₦251,315.00₦251,315.00
Law Course₦187,465.00₦186,965.00₦186,965.00₦186,965.00₦186,965.00
Professional/Science-Based Courses₦137,465.00₦136,965.00₦136,965.00₦136,965.00₦136,965.00
Non-Professional Courses₦127,465.00₦126,965.00₦126,965.00₦126,965.00₦126,965.00

Other fees


Besides the tuition fees, Anambra State University charges other fees students must pay.

  • Development levy ₦20,000.00
  • Accreditation fee ₦5,000.00
  • Utility Services fee ₦11,000
  • Sports fee ₦5,000
  • Examinations fee ₦5,000
  • Sanitary/Consumables fee ₦10,000
  • Faculty Levy ₦1,000
  • Department fee ₦500
  • Student Union Dues ₦1,000
  • Insurance Premium ₦500
  • Medical Lab Test fee ₦1,000
  • X-ray Medical fee ₦1,000
  • General Studies fee ₦200
  • Student Affairs fee ₦200
  • Parents/Teachers Management Forum Levy ₦2,000
  • AfriHUB ICT Training Levy ₦5,000
  • Tertiary Institutions Students Health ₦1,600
  • Insurance Programme (TISHIP) Fee ₦70,650
  • Administrative Charges (Service Providers)
  • Processing fee ₦1,000
  • Remita ₦315


How much are the school fees for Anambra State University?

The school fees for Anambra State University vary depending on the faculty, program, and level of study.

For undergraduate programs, the fees range from N76,950 to N124,950.

However, for postgraduate programs, the fees range from N111,450 to N146,450.

Are there any scholarships available to students to help cover the cost of tuition?

Yes, Anambra State University offers scholarships to students who demonstrate academic excellence. 

What other fees are charged by Anambra State University?

Anambra State University also charges other fees.

Some are acceptance fees, registration fees, accommodation fees, laboratory fees, examination fees, and library fees, among others.

What is the ANAMBRA State University acceptance fee?

Anambra State University’s (COOU) Acceptance fee is 26,315.00.

Note that the fee is not refundable after payment.

Can students pay their fees in installments?

Yes, Anambra State University allows students to pay their fees in installments.


Students are required to make a minimum payment before the start of each academic session.

How can students pay their school fees?

Students can pay their school fees through the school’s online payment platform or by visiting designated banks.

Also, the university allows students to pay their fees using mobile banking apps or bank transfers.

What happens if a student is unable to pay their fees on time?

If a student cannot pay their fees on time, they may be barred from attending classes or taking exams. 

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After reading the article, we hope you now know all the information concerning Anambra State University school fees.

Hence it makes it suitable for anyone.

If you need more information about the university, visit the Anambra State University dashboard for details.

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