10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria


Education is very important in Nigeria. A good education can lead to success in life and opportunities for a better life. Secondary schools in Nigeria that are more expensive than others offer a better education.

This is because secondary schools are better equipped with the latest technological tools, teachers, and other educational assistants. This list of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria will help in decide which school is the right one for you.

This list is based on the average yearly school fee for the school year. The average yearly school fees do not represent the total amount of school fees that a student must pay.

However, they do include annual fees and other charges that are usually added to the original school fee. This will help you know how much you will have to invest in each of the schools.

Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria

1. Day Waterman College 

Day Waterman College provides outstanding education that inspires leadership traits as it focuses on the individual child’s ability to excel in the world of modern business. The school prides itself on providing outstanding education to its students. Its academic programs produce young men and women who are not only good at theory but can also apply it in the real business world.

The school offers a wide variety of educational programs that are designed to suit the needs of all students, regardless of their academic interests. The school also has a great record of turning out successful business owners in many countries around the world.

The school also has the most up-to-date technology to make sure the students get a top-notch education.

Day Waterman College School fees

Day Waterman College students pay up to ₦‎3,500,000 per academic year.

2. British International School

British International School has been providing one of the best educations to both Nigerian and expatriate children alike for more than 15 years. They follow a British-style education that is based on their own unique style of curriculum, which is getting excellent results from students.

The school was established to provide international standard education to students of all participating ages and operates a boarding and day programme.

They have a long history of giving all students a high-quality education at a very reasonable price. They have also done a great job of preparing students for IGCSE and A-level exams, with enviable results.

British International School fees

With the aid of world-class facilities and the dedication of the best teams and academic staff, British International School equips students to become responsible, community-minded, and productive citizens of Nigeria and beyond at an affordable cost of ₦‎4,000,000 per year.

3. Grange School

The Grange School is a private British and international school in the Lagos neighborhood of GRA Ikeja. The school was founded by British nationals to provide an environment that inspires a love for learning and enjoyment of life, through which pupils will become independent, socially competent, and globally aware citizens who will succeed in the changing world of the 21st century.

Grange School aims to equip students with proper values and good moral conduct. Its teaching assists pupils in acquiring the skills required to solve problems and respond effectively to any situation they may encounter due to social and economic changes.

Grange School fees

Its teaching environment is structured to reflect the belief that children should be encouraged and challenged individually according to their interests, abilities, and needs. The school charges between N3 million and N4 million for a year.

4. Lekki British International School

Lekki British School is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education, in the context of a British-style environment. It is an international school for kids between the ages of 4 and 18 in Nigeria. The school is proud of its highly qualified teaching staff, who are committed to ensuring that students acquire the knowledge and skills required to compete successfully in a changing world. 

Lekki British School is renowned as the first British boarding school in Lagos. The school offers a British curriculum conforming to the National Curriculum of England and Wales for its pupils in the senior school. Students are offered excellent facilities to aid them in the pursuit of their education.

Lekki British International School Fees

Lekki British International School charges about ₦‎4,000,000 per year to study.

5. Meadow Hall School, Lagos

Meadow Hall School is a British-styled school where pupils of all ages are given a first-class education in an international, secure, and exciting environment. It has been operating in Lagos since 2002. The school encourages children to strive for excellence and achievement. The school is well equipped with a library, science labs, modern gymnasium, chapel, music and sports facilities.

Meadow Hall School is committed to giving its students a great education in a beautiful setting. The use of computers is encouraged by the school curriculum. The children are given the necessary opportunity to participate in sports activities and competitions.

Its students are well-rounded, self-confident people who like to learn and do well in an environment with high standards.

Meadow Hall School Fees

Meadow Hall School charges about ₦‎3 million per year

6. American International School

The American International School of Lagos, located in Akoka, Lagos, is dedicated to providing a quality high school and elementary education in a Christian community environment with a multicultural staff and student body.

The school seeks to nurture and develop the whole child through both traditional academic programs and co-curricular activities. The AIS curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners, whether they aim at preparation for university study or careers in business or industry.

AIS values academic excellence and achievement and issues USA diplomas to graduates. The school has a very unique system where students are promoted according to their ability and achievement in academics, sports, and other co-curricular activities.

The school gives students the privilege of getting an International Baccalaureate Diploma on top of their US High School diploma.

American International School fees

The school charges up to ₦‎4.5 million.


7. Loyola Jesuit

Loyola Jesuit is a unique school that offers young men and women the best in international education with a high level of diversity. At Loyola Jesuit, there is a balance between religious and secular education so that students and teachers can grow along with the world.

The school encourages its students to learn through participation in co-curricular activities in order to achieve success.

The school is located in Abuja and has a progressive curriculum that encourages learning. The school is dedicated to a successful and safe co-ed environment where children are taught respect, honesty, and teamwork.

The school has a strong belief that doing well in school is the key to a happy and healthy life. Loyola Jesuit College’s goal is to instill in its students a lifelong commitment to learning, leadership, meditation, and service to others.

Loyola Jesuit College is a Christian community where staff and students work together to give students the best education possible. It is a great place to get a good education. The school is a boarding school with teachers from all over the world who are very good at what they do.

Loyola Jesuit School Fees

Loyola Jesuit School charges about ₦‎2 – ₦‎3 million per year.

8. Dowen College

Dowen College is a fully integrated school that thrives on the values of academic excellence and the promotion of the creative mind. The school is dedicated to providing a progressive, challenging, and exciting learning environment for its students.

The school prides itself in the way it teaches students to think and act in a global community. Dowen College believes that guiding students through their academic journey will aid them in expressing their talents and handling the challenges of life.

Dowen College offers an internationally competitive education with support from experienced teachers who are committed to student growth, development, and achievement while preparing them for university and employment.

The school has a vibrant extracurricular program that offers students the opportunity to participate in sports, clubs, and societies of their choice.

Dowen College School Fees

Dowen College charges about ₦‎2 million per year.

9. Day Waterman College

Day Waterman College started operations in 2008 within one modern campus located in Asu Village, It’s an education based on principles of character and values. The college wants to help students become unique people and give them an appreciation for different cultures.

Day Waterman College seeks to affirm the meaningfulness of man’s existence through its pursuit of a holistic curriculum that focuses on the development of both physical and intellectual skills, for preparing students for a purposeful career or for national service.


The school has cozy classrooms, spacious domestic quarters, a giant music theatre, and an ample gymnasium. The school is a fully residential school with boarding facilities. It is in a nature reserve, which is good for the student’s physical and mental health because they are in nature every day during the school year.

All students who attend the school are encouraged to explore the wide range of activities across the campus and interact with each other, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, or religion.

For this purpose, there is a strong sense of community among students, fostering friendships and nationalities that promote a positive attitude to learning and interaction with others.

Day Waterman College School Fees

Day Waterman College charges about ₦‎5.3 million per year.

10. Charles Dale Memorial International 

Charles Dale Memorial International School is built on solid moral and ethical principles. The school takes a whole-person approach to learning by putting equal emphasis on academic success and building good character.

The school embraces a blend of educational approaches that enable students to develop meaningful skills and values that allow them to transform themselves into responsible citizens of society.

Charles Dale Memorial International School is a young and active place to learn that cares about students’ needs for growth and development by encouraging creativity and helping it grow.

Students will be challenged academically but also supported through innovative teaching methods. The school offers a broad international curriculum for different nationalities represented on campus.

Charles Dale Memorial International School fees

Charles Dale Memorial International charges about ₦‎2 million per year.


Do the schools have boarding facilities?

All the above schools offer boarding facilities, if you are looking for a school with boarding facilities, we recommend that you choose from this list.

How can I apply for admission?

You can browse the schools and learn more about them, after which you can visit their website and download the application form or you can visit your preferred school to process your application.

Compare Fees of Premium Secondary Schools in Nigeria


If you are looking for a school with a quality education and a solid academic foundation that will take your child to the next level in their education and future, you should consider any of the above options.

These are the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria in our opinion and we believe that you should consider them if you want the best for your child.

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