Baze University School Fees 2022/2023


Are tired of the continuous ASUU strike? Are you planning to send your wards to a Private University? You might already be wondering how much it costs to go to school at Baze University as well as what other fees you might incur with attending this school. 

This article has everything you need to know about the Baze University school fees and other associated costs.

However, Baze University has been considered the most expensive private university in Nigeria currently.

Baze University facilities

About Baze University

Baze University is a reputable university located in Nigeria at Jabi Airport Road Bypass, Cadastral Zone, Abuja, also the university was founded by Sen. Baba-Ahmed in the year 2011.

With its wide range of courses and academic degrees, you will not go wrong with your choice to pursue studies at Baze University, as the university is one of the best in Africa. 

Currently, there are over two thousand students attending Baze University including staff members and lecturers.

To be eligible for the award of financial assistance, candidates must have passed their previous year’s examination without obtaining any lower than a C6 grade, or possess an average of 70% in every subject that they sat for the examination. 

At Baze University, each semester lasts sixteen weeks, which means there are two semesters in each academic year. 

List of Faculties Baze University

The list of Faculties at the university are listed below:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Engineering/Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Management & Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Computing & Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Basic Medical/Health Sciences

Baze University School Fees  2022/2023

Listed below, are Baze University School Fees listed according to each of their faculties:

FacultyFees Per Session
Environmental Sciences₦‎3,327,500
Social Sciences₦‎2,994,750
Applied Sciences₦‎2,994,750
Basic Medical/Health Sciences (Apart from MBBS)₦‎3,327,500
Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)100L = ₦‎3,327,500
200L = ₦‎3,525,000
300L = ₦‎4,025,000
400L = ₦‎5,025,000
500L = ₦‎5,025,000
600L = ₦‎5,025,000
One-off Caution Deposit₦‎20,000.00
One-off Admission Processing Fee₦‎20,000.00
Postgraduate (Regular)
MSc (All Programs)₦‎2,300,000
One-off Admission Processing Fee₦‎20,000
Postgraduate (Alumni)
MSc (All Programs)₦‎1,610,000
One-off Admission Processing Fee₦‎20,000

Baze University hostel fees

The total cost for two semesters at  Baze University is ₦‎550,000.00 per Session.

This fee is paid along with school fees and that is why the amount is higher. Baze University hostel fees include hostel fees, and Hostel Service Charges, however, this does not include meals, or laundry services as these are optional fees you can pay for or not pay for.

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Does Baze University have WIFI?

Yes, there are some computers in the library, and the internet on campus is connected with a 10Mb/s download speed, and this was provided by the school for free.

Does Baze University have a hostel?

Yes, Baze University has a hostel, but it is only available to returning students, as the cost of the hostel will depend on the type of room that you need.

There are also some different rates for different rooms in the hostel. 
There are also many other accommodation options available for fresh students, including privately rented accommodation and university-owned apartments which are located close to campus.

The closest accommodation option for returners would be the Alumni House and graduate village.

Does Baze give scholarships?

No, Baze university does not offer scholarships to any student.


This school is a private institution which means that they do not receive any financial assistance from the government, and tuition fees are set by the institution itself. so if you would like to learn more about Baze University’s fees, or if you have any other questions about this school, be sure to contact them directly.

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