Olashore International School Fees (2022/2023)


Olashore International School aims to provide each student with an education, that will equip her or him for lifelong learning and give a thorough grounding in the English language, the natural sciences, mathematics, humanities and information technology which are seen as essential for success in the 21st century. Read on to discover Olashore International School fees and other important information.

Olashore International School

The school places a strong emphasis on developing independent thinking, character, and self-discipline, as well as social skills through interactions with both staff and peers, with an overall focus on the development of personality and social responsibility.

To achieve this aim, the school has a strong and supportive supervision system and also offers a rich extra-curricular programme by developing talents in a wide range of sports, music and drama activities.

About Olashore International School

Olashore International School was founded in 1994 by Oba Oladele Olashore with high academic standards and emphasis on enhancing the holistic development of each individual as well as building in the whole-person concept.

Olashore International School logo

A strong emphasis is placed on relationships and a sense of belonging, which are inculcated in the school by the school environment, curriculum and activities. The school has academic excellence at its core, with an unparalleled commitment to creating an environment that nurtures self-confidence and discipline through challenging academic standards.

Olashore International School is committed to providing an educational environment where students are encouraged to acquire and use a wide range of knowledge with regard to their understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them.

The school is also committed to developing their intellectual potential as well as giving them opportunities for self-expression, working across disciplines and achieving success in their studies.

Olashore International School campus

The school holds regular debates for the students to develop their oratory skills and gives them opportunities to learn about the world through international exchanges. The school also runs competitions in literature and mathematics. 


Olashore International School Fees (2022/2023)

The school’s fees are paid in two installments. The first is paid before the beginning of the school year and the second is paid in the second term. For one term the following fees would be charged between ₦‎751,000 – ₦‎1,000,000.00 depending on the grade.

For two terms the sum is between ₦‎1,502,000 to ₦‎2,000,000 to ₦‎1,500,000.00 to enjoy the wide range of activities that are designed to cater for the social, cultural and intellectual needs of the students.

The school provides boarding facilities for students who wish to reside in the school for the whole duration of their studies. Boarders live in the school’s hostels, which have shared bathrooms and places to hang out.

Why Attend Olashore International School?

Olashore International School operates with a British curriculum. A strong emphasis has been placed on developing independent thinking, character, and self-discipline as well as social skills through interactions with both staff and peers, resulting in the all-round development of personality and social responsibility.

Olashore International School Fees

The school believes that all children are unique individuals and are different in character, interests, achievements and potential. It will therefore prepare the students for adult life by giving them opportunities to explore their interests and talents, as well as to develop their strengths so that they can build a strong foundation for their future.

The school aims to prepare each student for lifelong learning, not only by providing an excellent and challenging academic programme but also by fostering a sense of community and commitment through extracurricular activities. The school is dedicated to developing good character in all its students, who are encouraged to assume responsibility for their actions and the behavior of others around them.

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There are a lot of schools in Lagos but only a few offer good education at affordable prices. Olashore International School has over the years emerged as one of the best private schools in Lagos. It is known for its good quality education, discipline, extracurricular activities and reasonable school fees. 

With the above Olashore International School fees and other important information included in the article, you would have a much clearer understanding of the school and therefore, be able to make a more informed decision on whether or not you should choose Olashore International School.

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