Lagos State University School Fees for 2022/2023


If you are a Nigerian young student aspiring to be a part of the next admitted students in LASU, you must know what the Lagos State University School Fees cost and other additional fees to be paid in the school.

The case of increment on students’ school fees all over Nigeria is not the same with Lasu as the amount to be paid by students has been released of which the cost is a lot fair compared to that of similar schools.

The Lagos State University (LASU) is one school that most young Nigerians crave to be a part of as they have one of the lowest prices of school fees compared to the amount paid by other state universities in Nigeria.

Below in this article is updated information on the current amount that LASU accepts from new and returning students of the great and prestigious state university in Nigeria, LASU.

Lagos State University School

About Lagos State University (LASU)

Lagos State University is a popular university in Lagos located at Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria. The school was founded in the year 1983 and it was made a school by the law governing Lagos, it was built to fulfill a particular mission which is to make academic excellence among young students which it has been able to achieve over the years since its establishment.

An Institution with much bright produce of students over the years the school has continued to stand out among the best universities in Nigeria.

Though Lasu is a state University unlike other federal schools which are always ranked on the top 10 list of best schools in Nigeria, Lasu is a school that is also doing very well when it comes to tutoring and producing bright students.

There are 63 courses offered at Lagos State University and all of these courses have certified experts who are taking the available students for those courses.


LASU School Fees for the 2022/2023 Session

Below is an updated list of Lasu schools fees for 2022/20223 candidates according to their faculties per level

  • Faculty of Social Science: ₦113,250
  • Faculty of Law: ₦115,750
  • Faculty of Science: ₦115,750
  • Faculty of Education: ₦113,250
  • Faculty of Engineering: ₦115,750

Kindly note that the above school fees imply to those new students admitted into the Lagos state university.

LASU Acceptance Fee

At Lasu the acceptance fee for all freshly admitted students is ₦20,000 and this has to be paid before you begin your studies at the Lagos state university after you must have been admitted.

LASU Additional Fee for Freshers


Other additional fees that are to be paid at the university are:

  • Medical fee: ₦10,000 
  • Hostel Fee: ₦30,000

The above is another additional cost you should get ready to pay although the hostel is not compulsory for all students you can decide to take an apartment outside the school premises.


Is the LASU form still out?

Yes, the form for new applicants who love to apply and be a part of this wonderful university is still selling.

Can Lasu School fees be paid twice?

Oh Yes, Lasu school fees can be paid twice and they don’t choke at all; they are at an affordable amount, so they should have no problem paying the school fees at the right time when due.

Compare Other State University fees in Nigeria


Now that you’ve finished reading this article and you’re able to know the cost of schooling at the Lagos state university, you can determine within yourself to pursue a degree at LASU or better still if you are already a student plan ahead, put together your school fees before the due date and pay on time to avoid penalties.

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