Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria (May 2024)


Getting sewing machines in Nigeria requires that you have an idea of what the market says about the brand of sewing machine you intend to buy. 

Sewing machine price in Nigeria is not static as they get hiked in Nigeria as a result of economic inflation and fluctuating exchange rates of foreign currencies.

You need to prepare your pocket for the purchase to get a quality sewing machine as there are many fake products out there with cheap rates.

That’s why this article is written to give you an idea about what the price of sewing machines will be as of 2023. 

Facts About a Sewing Machine

If you haven’t used one, you probably might have come in contact with one. Some are black, some are white some are operated by electricity while others are manual.

Sewing machines are used to stitch clothing materials together by using threads and also make beautiful designs in clothes. They give a beautifully stitched and neat wear to any design which is neatly done compared to stitches done with free hands. 

A sewing machine is a necessity for fashion designers and others who need it to give their work the best touch as it also makes clothes designing faster and easier. 

There are various existing brands of sewing machines that perform different design and stitching functions. The functions of sewing machines are limited to the type of sewing machine you are using.

There are regular sewing machines that can only be used to stitch while there are others that can perform other functions and tasks. 

Types of Sewing Machines in Nigeria

Having explained that there are various types of sewing machines and their functions, let’s take a closer look at the types of sewing machines that we have in Nigeria and the functions they serve. 

Manual Sewing Machine

Manual Sewing Machine

This is the most common type of sewing machine, mostly used in Nigeria. It is controlled manually with the hands and legs. Butterfly, Singer, and Beautiful are the most famous brands.

They are also called black machines as a majority of manual machines are black in color. This type of sewing machine required no source of electricity to get it functioning. 

Electric Sewing Machine

This is a type of sewing machine that relies solely on the use of electricity to function. This type cannot function nor be used without electricity. 

Because of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria, many fashion designers do not use this type of sewing machine. Fashion designers use this type of sewing machine bank on other sources of power supply which include the use of generators, Solar, and other sources of power. 

Most of the electric machines available in Nigeria are imported popularly known as tokunbo and are always white in color.

Computer-based Sewing Machine

A computer-based sewing machine operated by an inbuilt computer system.

Use of this type of sewing machine has to be computer literate to be able to perform wonders with the sewing machine. 

These sewing machines are rarely seen and used in Nigeria. Only a few professional fashion designers have it in Nigeria as It is much more expensive than other types of sewing machines, but will always serve and give value for your money anyway.

There are other types of sewing machines that are categorized under the three listed there but they serve different functions.

Here is a list of other types of best sewing machines you can find in Nigeria. 

  • Embroidery sewing machine
  • Fast Seam Sewing machine
  • Furriery sewing machine
  • Industrial Sewing machine
  • Bag sewing machine
  • Portable Sewing machine
  • Mini Sewing machine
  • Over-Stitching Sewing machine
  • Overlocking Sewing machine
  • Sack Sewing machine

Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

The price of sewing machines in Nigeria varies based on the brand you intend to buy and whether new or fairly used. 

Below is the list of the latest sewing machine prices in Nigeria. 

Price of Manual Sewing Machine in Nigeria

Manual Sewing Machine BrandPrice
Butterfly sewing machine₦91,000
Beautiful sewing machine₦81,000
Buddyfly sewing machine₦81,000
Bright sewing machine₦82,000
Flyman sewing machine₦82,000
Jaktec sewing machine₦82,000
singer sewing machine₦82,000
Two lion sewing machine₦81,000
Super cincer sewing machine₦81,000
Sumo premium sewing machine₦83,000
Tokunbo sewing machine price₦45,000 – ₦65,000
Table 1: Price list of Manual Sewing Machines in Nigeria

Industrial Sewing Machines Price in Nigeria

Industrial sewing machine brandPrice
Emel industrial sewing machine₦197,000
Sumo premium industrial sewing machine₦175,000
Two lion industrial sewing machine₦185,000
Beautiful industrial sewing machine₦175,000
Glock industrial sewing machine₦180,000
Kingy industrial sewing machine₦175,000
Protex industrial sewing machine ₦260,000
Industrial overlock sewing machine (3 thread, 4 thread, 5 thread)₦180,000 – ₦220,000
Industrial sewing machines price list in Nigeria
Two Lion Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria
Industrial Sewing Machine

Mini Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

The price of a Mini sewing machine in Nigeria is ₦10,000 – ₦16,000

The mini electric sewing machine is ideal for beginners in tailoring. Stay-at-home moms and even people in the fashion industry can now dabble in sewing.

A mini sewing machine is portable and lightweight, and it has a good space for guiding sewing cloth by hand. In seconds, you can fix, mend, or repair. You may place it wherever you like and even travel with it.

Mini Sewing Machine
A mini sewing machine

Price last updated: October 1st, 2023

We are making efforts to provide you with the most accurate price, if you notice any discrepancy, please contact us or leave a comment below with the current price.

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Sewing machine price in Nigeria increases every time there is economic inflation.

This article is just a hint about the expected prices you can get for sewing machines in Nigeria today. 

Getting the best sewing machine in Nigeria depends on how much your budget is. As the price of sewing machines in Nigeria varies from brand to brand and the functions they serve. Although, for anyone who is into the fashion designing business a sewing machine is an indispensable tool.

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