Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria (July 2024)


The industrial sewing machine price in Nigeria varies depending on many factors like brands, location, sizes, styles, functionality, and quality.

However, since the invention of Industrial sewing machines and their introduction into the Nigerian market, sewing has been made easier, faster, and less stressful. 

This is because they are effective,  save time and churn out more output.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is considered to be one of the largest markets for sewing machines in Africa. 

The industrial sewing machine has relative importance to the fashion industry as it keeps growing each day.

Hence, we will talk about the industrial machine price in Nigeria

What To Consider When Buying An Industrial Sewing Machine In Nigeria

Aside from the price of an industrial sewing machine you need to consider before buying, When you want to buy industrial sewing you need to consider: 

Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria
A Brand New Industrial Sewing Machine


You need to consider whether the machine is accurate for your own needs as people buy these machines based on needs. 

Moreover, these machines have different functions. 

So, you must be certain about what you need it for before purchasing it. 


Several hundreds of brands of industrial sewing machines are available in Nigeria. 

Some of these brands are well known for their quality and top-class machines.

While some might have less reputation with outstanding machines. 

So, when buying an industrial sewing machine, you may want to go for brands with proven and well-known names. 


When buying a sewing machine, it is important to consider if it is easy to use for both beginners and pros. 

This is because some of these machines are easy to use and others required training or the service of professionals to use.

So, you may have to consider a sewing machine that has less technicality and it is easy to use.

Types of Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria

Industrial sewing machines are categorized mainly into:

Electric and manual. 

However, some industrial machines are designed in a way that they can be electric and manual. 

Which means they can function whether there is light or not. 

In addition, you can get the industrial machine as:

  • Brand new
  • Fairly used

Prices of these types vary as the brand-new machine could be costlier than the fairly used ones. 

Price of Industrial Sewing Machine in Nigeria

The constant and high demand for industrial sewing machines in Nigeria has made it one of the largest markets for industrial sewing machines in Africa. 

However, there are several types and classes of industrial sewing machines on the market today. 

Some are affordable while others are quite expensive. 

Buying a brand new machine not only gives you peace of mind but also creates an atmosphere of freshness.

Also, new industrial sewing machines are easy to use and navigate

In addition, some manufacturer offer warranties on their products. With this, you can easily return it if there is any problem with it. 

Price List of brand New Industrial Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Industrial Sewing Machine Price List in Nigeria

Second Hand Industrial Sewing Machine Price (Fairly Used)

Fairly used industrial sewing machines are the best options for people who can’t afford to buy new ones. 

The machines are sold after being used for some time based on their durability and ruggedness.

However, fairly used industrial sewing machines may lack the perfect sleekness and freshness.

But you can still be guaranteed smooth operation and quality functionality.

The table below shows the fairly used industrial sewing machine price in Nigeria. 

Fairly Used Industrial Sewing MachinePrices
Sumo Premium Industrial Straight Machine₦70,000
Emel Industrial Straight Sewing Machine₦80,000
Two lion Industrial Straight Sewing Machine₦85,000
Brother Industrial Straight Sewing₦90,000
Hudong Industrial Straight Sewing Machine₦90,000
Two Lion Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine₦120,000

Conclusion on Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

Nigeria has the largest market in Africa for industrial sewing machines.


As such, you can get different categories of industrial sewing machines in Nigeria ranging from manual to electric. 

However, some of these machines are designed to function as both manual and electric.

You can industrial sewing machine is brand new and fairly used. 

Meanwhile, the brand-new ones are quite expensive but they are easy and good to use.

The fairly good ones are considered the best options for people who can’t afford brand-new ones. 

In addition, when buying industrial sewing machines in Nigeria, you have to consider the brand, the technicality, and the functionality. 

You have to keep in mind that the industrial sewing machine price in Nigeria varies depending on factors like brand, size, functionalities, location, and other factors. 

You can get different industrial machines from online stores like Konga, and dealers shops near you.

We hope this article is helpful.

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