Bright Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria (April 2024)


The role of a fast, quality, and reliable machine in giving out the best finishing results to customers cannot be ignored in today’s world of fashion.

Sowing can be frustrating, tiring, and difficult when the machine being used isn’t cooperating or giving out a good result.

To this, we bring you Bright sewing machine which is one of the Best options in quality manual sewing machines, that is fast, affordable, and reliable.

Bright Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

It’s one of the long-existing products that has been able to maintain its high standard design using quality-assured components.

Its straight lockstitch sewing and easy operation for both beginners and experts is an added advantage. This post is focused at discusing Bright sewing machine price in Nigeria.


  • Foot sewing machine
  • Can be used with an electric motor
  • Straight and smooth sowing
  • Comes with free sewing kits
  • Can sow all kinds of fabrics
  • Easy foot control
  • Noiseless and easy to maintain
  • Rugged
  • Long-lasting

Current Price Bright Sewing Machine in Nigeria

The current price of Bright domestic sewing machine is ₦67,000- ₦70,000 


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Wrap Up

Bright domestic sewing machine is a good choice for both beginners and experts in the sewing industry.

It is rugged, fast, affordable, and can sew all kinds of fabric with no stress giving you a perfect result.

It is easy to operate and can be used both in homes and offices. It can be run using a foot or connecting an electric motor for faster results.

So stress no more when deciding what best product to choose from in many sewing machine products today.

Price last updated: October 1st, 2023

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