GLUCK Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria (July 2024)


GLUCK industrial sewing machines are a popular choice among textile businesses in Nigeria due to their durability, performance, and efficiency. Here is an overview of GLUCK industrial sewing machines, including models, prices, and recommendations for buyers.

Overview of GLUCK Industrial Sewing Machines

GLUCK industrial sewing machines are designed for heavy-duty tasks and can handle thick fabrics with precise, consistent stitching. This makes them ideal for small and large-scale manufacturing. Key benefits include:

  • High productivity and efficiency
  • Durability and reliability
  • Wide range of stitch patterns
  • Adjustable speed and stitch settings
  • Suitable for heavy fabrics

GLUCK Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

Gluck Industrial Sewing Machine is good at ₦185,000 in the Nigerian market today. 

Meanwhile, this price is subject to change due to factors like location, dollar exchange rate, and others.

GLUCK Sewing Machine Models

There are several GLUCK industrial sewing machine models available in Nigeria:

GLUCK Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria

GLUCK Model A: Offers adjustable speed control, durability, and a range of stitching options.


GLUCK Model B: Equipped with a powerful motor, adjustable stitch settings, and heavy-duty construction.

GLUCK Model C: Provides exceptional performance, durability, and customizable stitch options.

Other Industrial Sewing Machine Prices

Purchase Recommendations


Here are some tips for purchasing a GLUCK industrial sewing machine in Nigeria:

  • Compare prices from different authorized sellers and online stores
  • Consider warranty, after-sales service, and maintenance
  • Select the right model for your production needs
  • Buy from reputable dealers for authenticity
  • Negotiate for discounts on bulk purchases

Investing in a GLUCK industrial sewing machine can significantly benefit garment and textile businesses in Nigeria through enhanced productivity, efficiency, and product quality.

Price last updated: October 1st, 2023

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