Price of Tokunbo Sewing Machine in Nigeria (July 2024)


Looking for an affordable machine that is rugged yet can serve both household and industrial purposes?

Stress no more, Tokunbo sewing machines are a good choice to go for.

There are various products available to serve you perfectly in neat clothes, stitches, or designs. 

They are capable of sowing all fabric kinds and even leather materials.

Some of these machines come with complete head and foot while most times only the head is available. The price of tokunbo sewing machine in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria is not stable due to the unstable condition of naira to dollar conversion.

Tokunbo electric only sewing machine
Tokunbo electric-only sewing machine

There’s no need to worry when getting a tokunbo head alone as they fit perfectly into the feet of other machines.

Some can be used manually or connected to an electric motor while others work only with electricity.

Types of Tokunbo Sewing Machines 

There are various types of Tokunbo machine, all of which works well when in perfect condition and properly managed.

Some are listed below:

  • PFAFF 
  • SASA
veritas Tokunbo sewing machine
veritas Tokunbo sewing machine

Advantages of Tokunbo Machine 

  • Can sew straight stitches. 
  • Some can sew straight, zigzag, and buttonhole stitches. 
  • Some come with inbuilt light for night sowing. 
  • Rugged and easy to maintain 
  • Some come with electric foot pedals. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Can sew all forms of fabrics and other materials including leather and shoe materials.
  • Most of them are multipurpose machines.

Important Notice: It is essential that you find out and be sure about the working conditions before purchasing any Tokunbo machine.


Current Price of Tokunbo Domestic Sewing Machine in Nigeria 

The average price of a full set Tokunbo is around ₦80,000- ₦120,000 and for the Head part alone is around ₦40,000- ₦70,000. Although prices aren’t fixed and vary across locations.

Compare Prices of Other Manual Machines

Wrap Up 

Getting a tokunbo machine isn’t a bad choice if proper protocols are observed.

They are the strongest and most rugged products with qualities. 

They can be operated manually or with electricity and can sew any kind of fabric, bags, shoes, and leather materials.

They are easily seen, affordable, and cheap to maintain with neat beautifully finished locked-up stitches


However, one must be careful when purchasing them to avoid getting a faulty product.

It is advisable to buy from a trusted seller when getting this product and an agreement be reached that one isn’t getting a faulted product.

One can go with an engineer who is an expert in dealing with the tokunbo machines so as to help choose the best and faultless product.

Price last updated: October 1st, 2023

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