Kingy Industrial Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)


Kingy industrial sewing machines have become a mainstay for textile companies and garment producers across Nigeria. With heavy-duty construction and optimized for efficiency, Kingy machines deliver the high-speed performance that manufacturers rely on.

But for buyers, understanding the pricing and getting the best deal requires researching the different models available and certain location-based factors. This guide will cover the range of Kingy industrial sewing machines, pricing breakdown, location considerations, and tips for purchasing these machines in Nigeria.

Overview of Kingy Industrial Sewing Machines

Founded in 1994, the Kingy company has earned a reputation for durable and reliable sewing machines built for commercial use.

kingy Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria

The heavy-duty mechanical construction allows Kingy industrial machines to sew thicker fabrics and operate faster for hours of continuous production. Popular for garment factories and textile manufacturers, these machines deliver the stitching performance and reliability required for large-scale output.

Types of Kingy Industrial Sewing Machines

Kingy offers industrial sewing machines across three main categories:

Entry-Level Manual Models

The most affordable Kingy sewing machines are the manual, mechanical models. These entry-level machines have basic stitch length and presser foot adjustments ideal for new or smaller manufacturers.

Heavy-Duty Mechanical Models

For more heavy-duty sewing, Kingy’s mechanical models have more power, faster speeds, and the ability to work through thick fabrics.

Computerized Digital Models

Kingy also offers advanced computerized sewing machines controlled digitally for precision and automation.

Key Pricing Factors for Kingy Machines

Several important factors determine the price you’ll pay for a Kingy industrial sewing machine in Nigeria:

Model Capabilities and Features:

Entry-level manual models are the most affordable options. Heavy-duty mechanical models cost more for their power and speed. Top-tier computerized machines with digital controls are the highest priced. Specific features like stitch patterns, motors, and attachments add to the price.


Major urban hubs like Lagos and Abuja see elevated prices around 10-15% higher due to transportation costs and demand. However, textile industry centers like Aba and Kaduna often have lower pricing due to their proximity to suppliers.


Import Duties/Taxes:

Most Kingy machines are imported to Nigeria. The import taxes and customs duties levied can add 5-20% to the retail cost.

Additional Accessories:

Basic Kingy machines won’t include all the accessories needed like tables, needles, motors, etc. Factor in 20,000 to 50,000 Naira more for these crucial add-ons.

Kingy Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

Kingy Industrial Sewing Machine is good at ₦180,000 in the Nigerian market today. 

Meanwhile, this price is subject to change due to factors like location, dollar exchange rate, and others.

How Location Impacts Kingy Sewing Machine Prices

Location is a critical factor influencing the pricing due to variances in demand, supply, and taxes across different regions:

  • Major cities like Lagos and Abuja see elevated prices around 10-15% higher due to market demand and transportation costs.
  • Textile industry hubs like Aba and Kaduna often have lower prices thanks to their proximity to suppliers and wholesale sources.
  • Rural areas typically have fewer options and higher retail costs due to lower supply and accessibility.

So checking prices from local authorized sellers in your area is advised.

Tips for Buying a Kingy Machine in Nigeria

To get the best value when investing in a Kingy industrial sewing machine, keep these tips in mind:

  • Compare prices across authorized Kingy dealers in your area to find competitive pricing. Avoid second-hand models of uncertain reliability.
  • Choose a Kingy model well-matched to your production scale and budget. Don’t overspend on unnecessary advanced features.
  • Ask about potential discounts, payment plans, or financing options to improve affordability.
  • Confirm warranties, after-sales service, and ongoing maintenance support are included by the seller. This gives you peace of mind about your investment.

By finding the right model for your needs and negotiating the best deals, purchasing a Kingy industrial sewing machine can be a boon for your textile or garment manufacturing business in Nigeria.

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For garment factories, textile companies, and other manufacturers in Nigeria, Kingy industrial sewing machines deliver the performance needed for large-scale production.

Opting for entry-level manual models, buying in textile industry hubs when possible, negotiating discounts, and ensuring strong warranty support can help secure these heavy-duty machines at the best value. With Kingy’s reputation for reliability, purchasing one of their industrial sewing machines is an investment in greater productivity and efficiency.

Price last updated: October 1st, 2023

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