Sumo Premium Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria


Easing and stress-free sewing is an encouraging way for both beginners and experts in the fashion industry. But before we review the Sumo premium sewing machine price in Nigeria, I recommend you view the price of sumo premium industrial machine first.

Getting a high-speed quality machine applicable to thin, medium, and heavy materials with a steady stitch and beautiful finishing should never be underrated.

The Sumo Premium machine made in China with Japanese technology has the qualities of the best machine possessing all the earlier mentioned points.

Endorsed by fashion Gurus, it makes sewing simple and enjoyable. Applicable for various fabrics and other materials

Key Features 

  • Foot sewing 
  • Straight and easy sewing
  • Can be used manually 
  • Can be connected to an electrical motor
  • Guaranteed long-term use
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Affordable 
  • Comes with free sewing kits
  • Applicable to all fabric types and other materials
sumo premium sewing machine

With a Sumo Premium Sewing machine, be assured that you are free of the stress that comes with sewing or non-impressive results.

Rugged, less noise, perfect stitches, and fast sewing with a good seam are what to expect when working with this amazing product.


Price of Sumo Premium Sewing Machine in Nigeria

The current price of sumo premium sewing machine is ₦80,000 – ₦85,000

This isn’t a fixed price as prices differ in various locations and sellers.

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Final Thoughts

This Sumo Premium sewing machine price in Nigeria report might have brought you closer to making the decision to get your next manual sewing machine. This machine is great like the premium sounds in its name.

So when you think of getting a good machine that is perfect for both beginners and professionals in the fashion industry, think Sumo!

Price last updated: October 1st, 2023

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