Butterfly Sewing Machine Price In Nigeria (May 2024)


Being a fashion designer, do you know that a good sewing machine is the result of perfect finishing?

A pen is essential to a writer’s craft in the same way as a sewing machine is to a fashion designer. It enables them to create and make a variety of clothing that is both stylish and of high quality.

A butterfly sewing machine makes sewing very easy and more enjoyable when creating new and original styles.

Butterfly manual sewing machines are very well recognized and have received high marks in several categories, including affordability, durability, and quality.

This article provides an analysis of butterfly sewing machine prices in Nigeria, and the necessary consideration before buying.

Butterfly Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

The butterfly sewing machine costs ₦80,000 in Nigeria.

A fairly used sewing machine’s price in Nigeria depends on the working condition of the machine and negotiation.

There are various sewing machines used in business settings. There are different brands of these kinds of machines, and their pricing, as well as their levels of quality, vary greatly from one another.

Things To Consider Before Buying Butterfly Sewing Machine

There are a few things you need to take into consideration before a butterfly sewing machine.


Your financial situation should be the first thing you think about.

What you intend to use the sewing machine for will determine which variety of sewing machines is most suited to meet your requirements.

Except in the case when there is an adequate budget that can pay for such expenditures, there is no reason for beginners to invest in highly expensive sewing machines that offer a large number of features.


Another aspect of the sewing machine that you need to take into consideration is the stitch option.

Automatic sewing machines and electronic sewing machines both often come equipped with a straight stitch feature, but electronic sewing machines may also perform zigzag stitches and other types of stitches.

Manual Or Electronic

Your financial budget will have a significant impact on this decision because electronic sewing machines are often more expensive than manual sewing machines.


However, electronic sewing machines can complete tasks in a more organized and timely manner.

Additional Features

Some sewing machines come equipped with additional capacities that simplify the sewing process significantly.

However, it is essential to note that the acquisition of these additional features would increase the cost of the machine.

Where To Buy Butterfly Sewing Machine

Below are the places where you can purchase your butterfly sewing machine.

Suppliers and Dealers

If you reside in a large city such as Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt, you will not have any trouble finding a dealer who supplies butterfly sewing machines in any of the clothing material markets that are located in these cities.

If you do not live in one of these regions, however, all you have to do is find a clothing material market around you and inquire if there are any dealers or suppliers of the machine located there.

Online Platforms

There are butterfly sewing machines available for purchase through online marketplaces such as Jumia and Konga.

This is a much simpler choice to make. However, their pricing could be considered somewhat exaggerated, and in addition to that, you will be responsible for paying the delivery charges.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing a used butterfly sewing machine, you will need to look for a retailer online/offline that specializes in second-hand products.

Other Manual Machine prices

Wrapping Up

A butterfly sewing machine price in Nigeria is affordable and highly recommended if you require a stress-free machine for working.

It’s highly advisable to buy a machine locally and build a connection with your local dealer.

Matching you with the right butterfly sewing machine is one of their expertise.

To help you with a rational buying decision, do some research on the particular product you’d like to buy and investigate if the seller/supplier sells a legit butterfly sewing machine.

Price last updated: October 1st, 2023

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