Manual Weaving Machine Price in Nigeria (May 2024)


Are you looking for information on the accurate manual weaving machine price in Nigeria? Then this is for you.

Manual weaving machines help dressmakers weave the edges of clothes to ensure that the tiny threads of clothes don’t pull out unexpectedly. 

These machines are also used to make special designs on clothing especially native attire like agbada, Buba, and kaftans.

To find out how much you need to get a manual weaving machine, then keep reading.

We will highlight the manual weaving machine price in Nigeria. 

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Manual Weaving Machine Stocks

Also, the features and what you should consider before buying a manual weaving machine will be discussed. 

Manual Weaving Machine Price in Nigeria

Brand new manual weaving machines in the Nigerian market today cost between ₦47,000 to ₦50,000

Manual Weaving MachinePrices
Beautiful Manual Weaving Machine₦49,000
Sumo Manual Weaving Machine₦48,000

However, the price of this sewing machine is subject to change depending on factors like vendor, location, dollar exchange rate, and others. 

Features of Manual Weaving Machine

These machines help to give your clothes a more attractive and neat finish. 

They are very important in the sewing process as they make clothes look good.

They can be used without electricity. 

What To Consider Before Buying A Manual Weaving Machine

Here are some of the things you must consider before purchasing any manual weaving machine: 


The amount you have to spend on a manual weaving machine is the first thing to consider when buying a weaving machine.

This will help you determine the kind of machine you will purchase.

More so, you can run a market survey online to find out the price of a manual weaving machine to know the actual price you should budget for this machine. 


There are different kinds of manual weaving machines with different features. 

You have to figure out what feature you are looking for in a weaving machine. 

Ensure to check out the features of the machine and be sure that it suits your professional purposes. 


When considering the brand, you may want to choose the most used brands or the more affordable brands. 

The brand you choose depends on your choice and what you are looking for in a manual weaving machine. 

However, don’t forget to choose brands with spare parts that are easier to find on the market.

New or fairly used

You also have to consider f you are buying new or fairly used ones. 

These depend solely on the amount of money that you have at hand.

However, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new or fairly used weaving machine. 

In addition, if you are buying a fairly used manual weaving machine, ensure that it is still in good condition. 

You may employ the service of a professional to inspect the machine or buy from trusted sources or people that you know. 

Other Manual Machine Prices


Manual weaving machines are used by professional dressmakers to weave the edges of clothes to ensure that the tiny threads of clothes don’t pull out unexpectedly.

In addition, these machines can weave the edge of thin moderate, and thick fabrics.

These machines also help to give your clothes a more attractive and neat finish and are used without electricity. 

However, the manual weaving machine price in Nigeria varies depending on the location, brand, and other factors. 

You can buy a manual weaving machine online from Jumia, or Konga.

You can also get it from dealers near you.

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Price last updated: October 1st, 2023

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