Yamaha Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)


Yamaha motorcycles are renowned worldwide for their high performance, quality engineering, and innovative technology. Yamaha offers a wide range of models in Nigeria to suit different budgets and needs.

This article provides an overview of Yamaha motorcycle pricing in Nigeria and key factors to consider when purchasing.

Some background on Yamaha motorbikes:

  • Japanese company founded in 1955
  • Known for high-quality engineering and innovation
  • Focus on performance, power, and efficiency
  • Diverse range of models and engine sizes
  • Over 65 years experience manufacturing bikes

Yamaha has earned a reputation in Nigeria for reliable, high-performing motorcycles.

Yamaha Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria

Yamaha has been in the market for more than over 65 years now. This is an indication that motorbikes are making success after success in the market. Yamaha Motorcycles are known for their high quality.

Yamaha Motorcycle Price Ranges in Nigeria

Here are price ranges for some popular Yamaha models sold in the Nigerian market:

  • Yamaha Crux Rev Manual: ₦270,000
  • Yamaha Force-X-Royale: ₦250,000
  • Yamaha FZ25: ₦250,000
  • Yamaha AG200: ₦200,539
  • Yamaha YZF-R3: ₦500,000

As always, final prices depend on exact model, location, dealer, and negotiation.

Key Factors To Consider When Buying a Yamaha

If you’re looking to purchase a Yamaha motorcycle in Nigeria, keep the following considerations in mind:


  • Determine the maximum you can afford for the bike purchase.
  • Avoid overextending your finances.

Fuel Efficiency

  • Yamahas are typically efficient, but compare models.
  • Important for limiting fuel costs over time.

Engine Performance

  • Engine power affects speed and hauling capacity.
  • Match engine performance to your needs.

Condition of Used Models

  • Carefully inspect used bikes for wear and tear.
  • Test drive used models before purchasing.

Dealer Reputation

  • Purchase from authorized, reputable dealers.
  • Ensures you get proper warranty and service.

Compare Prices of Motorcycles in Nigeria



With a wide selection and prices ranging from ₦200k to ₦500k, Yamaha motorcycles are a great option for Nigerian riders wanting quality, performance, and reliability. Consider your budget, usage needs, and inspect condition before buying used. Purchasing from trusted dealers helps ensure satisfaction.

Yamaha motorcycles are a good choice for those who want to buy a cheap motorbike that they can afford. With this list of Yamaha motorcycle prices in Nigeria, you’ll definitely get an idea of what you need to spend and the price range that you will have to go through.

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