Kasea Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria (April 2024)


Kasea has been known all over the world as the prime manufacturer of motorcycles that are designed using quality materials.

They use first-class raw materials in their manufacturing processes, which makes them the best in class when it comes to motorcycles. 

In this article, we will cover the Kasea motorcycle price in Nigeria and other insights for you to get the best buy.

Kasea motorcycle price in Nigeria

Introduction to Kasea Motorcycles

Some background on Kasea motorbikes:

  • International motorcycle manufacturer
  • Use top-quality materials for durability
  • Focus on providing excellent riding experience
  • Powerful performance plus stylish designs
  • Strive to meet customer needs and satisfaction

The design of these motorcycles is one of the best in its class and yet, it is more affordable than most bikes. Apart from being very powerful, the Kasea motorcycle has got a stunning design that makes it attractive to riders of all ages and from different backgrounds.

Kasea Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria

The Kasea motorcycle in Nigeria price varies from one model to another. The prices of individual models are determined by the year of production, the size, and the type of engine.

However, please note that these prices are not necessarily the same all over the country. They vary from one region to another and from one dealer to another. 

  • Kasea RC 300: ₦450,000
  • Kasea RC 125: ₦920,000
  • Kasea MXR: ₦390,000
  • Kasea ZE 1500: ₦420,000
  • Kasea Sense: ₦700,000

Exact prices vary across dealers based on location, specifics of motorcycle, and negotiating.


Key Features of Kasea Motorcycle

Kasea bikes offer the following features and benefits:

  • Powerful 200cc engine for optimal performance
  • Seamless start system for easy operation
  • Durable construction and quality materials
  • Strong suspension system for off-road use
  • Excellent braking system for quick stops
  • Lightweight but sturdy chassis for safety
  • Sleek, stylish designs appeal to wide range of riders

Where To Purchase Kasea Motorcycles in Nigeria

Kasea motorcycles can be bought:

  • From authorized dealerships in major cities
  • Through online motorcycle marketplaces
  • Directly from the Kasea website (imported models)

Be sure to compare prices between sellers to negotiating the best deal.

Tips for Buying a Kasea Motorcycle

When shopping for a Kasea motorcycle in Nigeria, keep these tips in mind:

  • Set your budget and search models in your price range
  • Prioritize the features most important to you (speed, design, etc)
  • Test ride the motorcycle before purchasing
  • Inspect thoroughly for any issues, especially when buying used
  • Ask about warranty, after-sales service and spare parts availability
  • Compare prices between multiple dealers and negotiate
  • Ensure dealer is authorized to ensure genuine products

This helps ensure you select the right Kasea model and get the best deal.

Compare Prices of Motorcycles in Nigeria


Kasea Motorcycles are designed using the latest technology to provide riders with an exemplary riding experience.

The bike also comes with a superb braking system which allows convenient stopping at any time of the rider’s choice with a sleek body.

With this list of Kasea motorcycle price in Nigeria, you will definitely find the one that is suitable for you and offer the best riding experience.

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