Haojue Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria (May 2024)


The Haojue motorcycle provides the smooth and soft handling you desire in a motorcycle. It has a digital speedometer with an odometer, trip meter, and clock.

Just like most bikes in its category, it is designed with a step-through frame which makes it easy for the rider to get on and off comfortably without getting entangled in any parts of the bike.

This article containing the list of Haojue motorcycle price in Nigeria will guide you to make a pocket-friendly decision.  

Haojue motorcycle price in Nigeria

In the aesthetics department, the Haojue motorcycle has a great design. Its body color goes well with it overall outlook. It has an excellent finish that makes it appear elegant and sophisticated.

Its shadow design makes it look excellent and attractive even when it’s parked on a road with dozens of other bikes. The frame is also protected by rubber bumpers while the rear fender is protected by a plastic box.

The bike is also built with a single-cylinder, 4 stroke, and 2 valves engine. The engine is air-cooled and has a displacement of 139.7cc. One thing that will attract you to this bike without fail is its appearance.

It looks very pleasing and beautiful at the same time. It is black in color with transparent coatings on it. This is what makes the bike look even more appealing to the eye than most other bikes in the market of the same category or size.


Haojue motorcycle price in Nigeria (New Bikes)

  • Haojue DR160S: ₦‎150,000 – ₦‎300,000
  • Haojue DK125S HJ125-30A: ₦‎150,000 – ₦‎250,000
  • Haojue HJ110-5: ₦‎120,000 – ₦‎200,000
  • Haojue HJ125 – 8F: ₦‎200,000 – ₦‎350,000
  • Haojue HJ125 – 8K: ₦‎280,000 – ₦‎350,000
  • Haojue HJ125 – 11A: ₦‎250,000 – ₦‎450,000
  • Haojue HJ150 – 11: ₦‎250,000 – ₦‎400,000
  • Haojue TR150/S HJ150-16/A: ₦‎200,000 – ₦‎450,000
  • HJ125-2H: ₦‎200,000 – ₦‎400,000
  • HJ150-2C: ₦‎250,000 – ₦‎400,000
  • HJ150-6A: ₦‎250,000 – ₦‎400,000
  • HJ125-7F: ₦‎250,000 – ₦‎400,000

Features and other impressive details of Haojue motorcycle

The Haojue motorcycle is fitted with two-stroke engine, fuel injection, and a 4-speed gearbox. The bike has a spring suspension at the front as well as the rear wheel. It also has disc brakes which makes it more reliable, efficient, and effective when used.

Its air-cooled engine gives it a better performance; thus making it very desirable to many users in Nigeria. The bike also has an automatic clutch system which makes it easy for the rider to drive and be in control of the bike.

The Haojue motorcycle is probably one of those bikes that will never let you down. Also, the fact that its body is protected by plastic boxes makes it even safer from any sort of accidents involving other bikes on the roads. The fact that this bike has a digital speedometer with a mileage counter and clock makes it more useful for commercial as well as private use.

The Haojue motorcycle is also fitted with a universal disc-type headlight, which makes it more reliable and effective on roads.

With this headlight, the bike surely boasts better visibility even at night. The bike is fitted with 4 stroke engine with 150cc displacement.

Haojue motorcycles are designed to deliver users an enjoyable and marvelous ride experience even when driven for long distances. Its engine is designed with enough power to take users from one point to another without breaking a sweat.

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