Qlink Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria (April 2024)


If you love the superior body design of a bike, then the Qlink motorcycle will be your cup of tea. Qlink motorcycles are smooth and stylish, and their exhausts are exquisitely designed to complement the silencer and the body of the bike.

We all know how important appearance is when buying a motorbike. This list of Qlink motorcycle price in Nigeria will help you get more than what you bargained for.

Qlink motorcycle prices in Nigeria

Qlink motorcycles blend smoothness and style, with exquisite exhaust designs enhancing the bike’s aesthetic. This brand sets unmatched standards, offering a retro-designed bike that fulfills all riding needs.

The latest models feature a luxurious aviation speedometer, ensuring you can monitor your speed effortlessly. Qlink motorcycles boast a powerful engine, exceptional braking, and are ideal for both city and long-distance travel. The comfortable seat, effective handlebar, and auto-choke system ensure easy riding and maintenance.


The side panels showcase a unique curved design, contributing to the bike’s attractive appearance. Overall, Qlink motorcycles stand out as compact, stylish, and powerful, making them a top choice for riders seeking performance and design.

Qlink Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria

From our findings, we discovered that Qlink loyalists can always get a brand-new motorcycle with several models from ₦‎350,000 to ₦‎550,000. However, the price is majorly dependent on your location. 

The Qlink motorcycle price in Nigeria is said to be very affordable, especially if you are making plans for a bike within your budget and you want good service and performance. This is the best bike for commuting around town and long rides too.

Key Features of Qlink motorcycle

  • Qlink motorcycle comes with a powerful engine.
  • Features amazing braking and a comfortable seat design.
  • Equipped with a handlebar for effective gear shifting and riding.
  • Includes an auto-choke system for easy starting and maintenance.
  • Utilizes a single-cylinder air-cooled engine, one of the most commonly used in bikes.
  • Engine has 4 strokes displacing 200cc.
  • Equipped with a drum brake at both the front and rear for strong braking.
  • Auto choke system standard on every Qlink motorcycle for easier starting.
  • Front suspension is a durable spring suspension.
  • Has a 14-litre fuel tank for smooth, uninterrupted driving.
  • Fitted with a headlamp, horn, and tail lamps for safety on the road.
  • Compact and stylish, ideal for city use and long travels.
  • Comes with a rear drum brake as well.

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From the above Qlink motorcycle prices in Nigeria list, you can see that this is truly a bike that is perfect for any type of use. It is a perfect motorbike for city use as well as for long travel. No wonder why many people are making the choice to purchase Qlink motorcycles these days.

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