Honda Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria (April 2024)


Honda bikes are built to outlast the time you will have with them. This is one of the reasons that most people keep coming back to the bike as their first choice.

The fact that the Honda motorcycles are made with advanced technology and high standards of quality makes them a popular choice for most people, especially in the country.

Continue reading to discover the price of Honda motorcycle price in Nigeria and other helpful insights to make the best buying decision.

Do well to read the prices of motorcycles in Nigeria before reading on.

Honda motorcycle prices in Nigeria

For riders who love travelling, this is one of those bikes you must check out if you want to enjoy a great journey. Apart from all this, these motorcycles have also acquired a reputation for being great looking and easy on running costs.


Honda motorcycles have always been known for their quality but their latest models can be described as a true dream come true for motorcycle riders across the world.

Honda has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built motorcycles that are simply not only stylish but also durable, comfortable, powerful, and responsive. Honda motorcycles have earned their fame and it’s no surprise why even the most seasoned riders still chose to buy them.

Honda motorcycle price in Nigeria

  • Honda Dio Series price range from ₦‎220,000 – ₦‎270,000
  • Honda CBR Power Bike (2018) price range from ₦‎7.6 million – ₦‎9 million
  • Honda CG Series price range from ₦‎270,000 – ₦‎390,000
  • Honda CB125TD price range from ₦‎370,000 – ₦‎500,000
  • Honda ACE 110 price range from ₦‎210,000 – ₦‎290,000

What Makes Honda Motorcycles Unique?

  • Honda motorcycles prioritize design, power, and speed.
  • New models offer outstanding quality and a crisp finish for an ultimate riding experience.
  • Designed to help riders achieve the highest standards of performance.
  • Each bike undergoes numerous tests and trials to ensure quality.
  • Equipped with features for safety and security throughout the journey.
  • Loaded with features beneficial for new and experienced riders, ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe ride.
  • Engineers and designers continuously innovate for enhanced performance and reduced emissions.
  • High level of comfort, making Honda motorcycles ideal for long rides.
  • Earned reputation by meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
  • Each bike offers unique specifications and different design features, making them captivating.

Compare Prices of Motorcycles in Nigeria


Honda motorcycles are definitely a great choice for many people in Nigeria. The fact that they come with a well-thought design, great power and speed, safety features, and reliability make them a popular choice for most people.

They are designed to offer the ultimate riding experience while keeping you safe regardless of the distance travelled. Honda motorcycles have remained true to its mission of making motorcycles that meet or exceed the expectations of its customers by continuing to provide the finest designs and technology. Take advantage of the list of honda motorcycle prices in Nigeria above to get the best deal.

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