Xbox 360 Price in Nigeria (July 2024)


Microsoft’s creations have always captured hearts, and the Xbox 360 is no exception. Offering a unique way to enjoy home entertainment, it boasts an array of features for an enhanced experience.

Notably, it’s been one of Nigeria’s most affordable gaming consoles. Let’s examine ithe Xbox 360’s price in Nigeria and its features.

Xbox 360 price in Nigeria

The Xbox 360 has been a game-changer in the world of consoles. Its evolving features and backward compatibility offer a cutting-edge gaming experience.

Multiplayer gaming on the Xbox 360 is a source of fun and competition, connecting gamers worldwide through Gamertags.

Whether it’s through System Link, Internet play, or the launch of Xbox Live, the Xbox 360 brings friends and family together for exciting multiplayer experiences.


Xbox 360 price in Nigeria

Nigerian Xbox 360s are cheap. Many retailers sell the product in this country, so you don’t have to look online.

The average gaming console price depends on package, brand, and other factors. However, a brand-new one typically costs around ₦110,000.

You should also consider other factors when buying an Xbox 360 gaming console. Memory, games, and peripherals affect gaming console cost. Make sure to check all that before buying.

Xbox 360 Features?

  • Xbox 360’s ongoing popularity and updates
  • Wide variety of available games for fun and social gaming
  • Functions as a multimedia device, supporting digital DVDs and HD/3D movies
  • Large hard disk capacity and memory card slots for storage
  • High-speed 3.2 GHz processor for fast and high-quality gaming
  • Built-in Ethernet port for online multiplayer gaming with Xbox Live support

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As technology advances, the Xbox 360 will continue to offer great gaming.

The Xbox 360 has long been one of Microsoft’s best-selling game consoles. Use the Xbox 360 price in Nigeria above to get exciting features for a great gaming experience.

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