PlayStation 4 Price in Nigeria (May 2024)


Enter the PlayStation 4, a gaming trend that redefines interactive entertainment. This amazing device has 4K graphics, exclusive games, and innovative features, changing the gaming industry.

Join me as i explore the features and price of Playstation 4 in Nigeria.

PlayStation 4 price in Nigeria

PlayStation 4 Features

  • Powerful graphics engine supporting 4K resolution
  • Advanced wireless DualShock 4 controller with light bar and vibrating triggers
  • Exclusive games developed for the PS4
  • Large library of games, including titles like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and more
  • Features such as remote play, live broadcast, and share play
  • Distinct gaming experience
  • Extensive content through exclusive games
  • Continuation of PlayStation’s tradition in console gaming
  • Improvements over its predecessor
  • Successful launch for Sony and gamers
  • Continuation of Sony’s dominance in the gaming industry

PlayStation 4 Price in Nigeria

New PS4 (fat and pro) consoles typically cost between ₦160,000 and ₦320,000, depending on the store or platform.

Used consoles are affordable, with prices ranging from ₦175,000 to ₦200,000, depending on usage and games included.


Find the best deal on pre-owned PS4s on Jiji and Nairaland by comparing prices.

What Do People Like About PS4?

  • Sony’s long-standing leadership in gaming innovation
  • PS4’s dynamic and immersive gaming experience
  • Compatibility and user-friendly interface
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for multiple controllers

The PlayStation 4 is an amazing console, which makes it well-loved by gamers around the world. It offers tons of amazing features.

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Sony has contributed greatly to the gaming industry and community. This console will be around for a long time and give gamers a new experience.

Its amazing graphics make PlayStation 4 gaming more effective. Its great controller will help you beat your opponents and enjoy games.

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