Starlink Price in Nigeria & How to get it fast (June 2024)


Super-fast connectivity is now a reality thanks to Starlink. Accessing the internet in Nigeria was extremely difficult before now. There has been a lot of progress in the past few years, but many people still have trouble with internet speeds and reliability.

Starlink provides a game-changing approach to this age-old problem of poor internet access. This post will talk about the current Starlink price in Nigeria, Starlink subscription plans, and the cost of Starlink monthly subscription.

Starlink general comment

Before we proceed, don’t forget that Nigeria is the first African country to get the Starlink internet device.

What is Starlink?

Elon Musk’s SpaceX established the Starlink satellite internet service provider. It aims to connect people all over the world, even in places where there is currently no access to fast, low-latency internet. A fleet of low-orbit satellites is being launched by the company to accomplish this goal.

Starlink’s use of a low-orbit satellite network sets it apart from other satellite internet providers. Compared to more conventional geostationary satellites, which are stationed much farther from Earth, this network provides a much faster and more stable connection.

In addition to being more reliable, Starlink’s network is less vulnerable to disruptions like interference and congestion.

Starlink Price in Nigeria

Now that you know what Starlink is and how it functions, it’s time to learn how much it costs in Nigeria.

Official Dollar rates

Dollar to Naira Conversion in 2024
Dollar to Naira Conversion as at January, 2024

The price of Starlink in Nigeria consists of a one-time equipment fee of $599 (₦569942) plus monthly subscription fees of $60 (₦57089). The shipping and handling of Starlink to Nigeria was free initially but ₦16700 is now charged.

Black Market Dollar rates

Dollar Black market rate by Geegpay
Dollar Black market rate by Geegpay as at (11/01/2024)

These fees are calculated using the official dollar exchange rate of ₦951. However, if you consider the black market rate of ₦1240 according to Geepay, a one-time equipment fee of $599 (₦742,760) plus monthly subscription fees of $60 (₦74,400).

Starlink Price from Nigerian Stores

If you are not willing to wait for weeks before your decoader arrives, you want to buy directly from Nigerian Markets like Ikeja or other vendors.

The cost for a Starlink Kit in Nigeria is ₦1.2million cash ‘n’ carry.

What is inside the Starlink kit?

The Starlink kit includes the wifi router, a terminal, and a mounting tripod. The setup can be done without the assistance of a technician. In less than 30 minutes, a Starlink device can be installed and activated.

Starlink’s monthly subscription fee in Nigeria is likely to change in response to the country’s unique economic environment.

How to Get Starlink in Nigeria

To get the new Starlink Nigeria, just follow the following steps:

1. Visit the main Starlink website

get into your browser and navigate to

2. Input your Address

Type your home address which is also believed to be your delivery address. Then click on Order now

main Starlink website

3. Check Availability

order Starlink

Here you would be able to see if Starlink coverage is available in your area. You can use this medium to verify your address once more.


4. Place Order

Here you review the price and place an order and make payment with your approved card

starlink prices

How to pay for Starlink Internet in Nigeria

Another reality that anyone who wishes to order Starlink must face is that international transactions via the Nigerian bank’s prepaid card have been restricted. The two options left are to pay via a domiciliary account ATM card or payment through virtual cards like Payday, Chipper, among others.

However, if you are paying with any of the aforementioned methods, you will be charged with the black market rates.

Where is the Starlink Nigeria office?

At present, Starlink doesn’t have any physical offices in Nigeria. They can only be contacted through its main website. Remember that SpaceX announced the launch of Starlink in Nigeria on January 30, 2023, via its Twitter page.

Starlink is now available in Nigeria – the first African country to receive service! →

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) January 30, 2023

Starlink Vs Others

Starlink will likely go up against other local providers like MTN internet services, Glo internet services, 9Mobiles internet services, and Airtel internet services. It is important to note that the service has a lot of advantages over traditional internet providers.

Starlink usage by a popular blogger Prince Gabriel Okocha
Starlink usage by a popular blogger Prince Gabriel Okocha

For example, Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency internet connection is expected a bit faster and more reliable than other providers when compared, Only the MTN 5g can compete at the moment.

Starlink speedtest

Also, because Starlink’s network is based on a constellation of satellites, it isn’t limited by infrastructure problems that often make internet service in Nigeria less reliable and less good.


Overall, people, businesses, and organizations in Nigeria who need a reliable and fast internet connection are likely to find the Starlink value proposition very appealing.

Exactly what is Starlink’s purpose?

Starlink uses a system of low-orbit satellites to connect users all over the world to the internet at high speeds with minimal latency.

Users in unserved and hard-to-reach areas now have a more dependable option thanks to the network’s faster speeds and more consistent connections than those offered by traditional geostationary satellites.

Startlink eliminates the use of fiber cables and large network masts to provide internet without itch. If you know how the Global Positioning System (GPS) works, you will understand how Starlink works better.

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    Wrap Up

    In conclusion, Starlink’s arrival in Nigeria is a dream come true, and many people and businesses can’t hide their excitement.

    Starlink will significantly alter internet access in Nigeria and beyond. The company’s low-orbit satellite network will make it easier for people in rural and unserved areas to get online by making the connection more stable and faster.

    We sincerely trust that you have learned something new from this post. Please use the space below to ask any remaining questions or make any remaining comments about Starlink.

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