Step Tiles Roofing Sheet Price in Nigeria: May 2024


Step tiles roofing sheet price in Nigeria: When all that matters to you as an engineer or a to-be house owner is quality then the step tiles roofing sheet is your best plug. 

There is no doubt that a roofing sheet is a fundamental element of any structure, this is because it serves as a layer between the interiors and the exterior part of the building. It gives your building that beautiful look.

That is, it adds to the aesthetic attraction of your house and also protects it against external elements. Consequently, selecting step tiles roofing sheets for your commercial or personal construction project or renovation project will provide you with all these and more unique features.

In this blog post, I will tell you the unique features of step tiles roofing sheets and why you should consider them for your building. Ultimately, the exact step tiles roofing sheet price in Nigeria will be unveiled. So sit and read along.

About Step Tiles Roofing Sheets

The step tiles roofing sheet is also a type of aluminium roofing sheet but it is produced from the aluminium coil. However, the step tiles aluminium roofing sheet is more durable than the ordinary aluminum roofing sheet.

Thus, it is a bit more costly than the ordinary aluminium roofing sheet. One of the outstanding properties of this roofing sheet is that it has a higher warranty period of 10 years. Also, it offers excellent water drainage capabilities to your building and is leakage-proof. Hence, the step tiles aluminium roofing sheet is good for rainy areas.


Furthermore, it is easy to install, and you can choose from several color options and shapes. Likewise, when compared to a typical composition shingle roof or cement roof, the step tiles aluminium roofing sheet is much lighter thus this helps it withstand an earthquake.

Similarly, the interlocking design helps it withstand the strong wind that is wind resistant. Also, it is hailstone-resistant: that is it can protect the building from the hailstone.

Ultimately, it is noise-resistant. That is the step tiles aluminium roofing sheet deadens the sound of the rain and hailstone.


  • The Product Name: step tiles aluminium roofing sheet.
  • Its Thickness: is 0.2mm – 5mm.
  • Its Width: is 500mm – 1850mm
  • Its Length: the length is 1~10 meters.
  • The Corrugated type: is 40 corrugated types.
  • Material: the material used is galvanized aluminum and PPGI (color-coated).
  • Technology: mold pressed and others.
  • Other names: aluminium roof title plate, long-span aluminum roofing sheets, and so on.

Step Tiles Roofing Sheet Price In Nigeria

The step tiles roofing sheet price in Nigeria varies from ₦ 3,250 to ₦ 4500 per square meter depending on the thickness, square meter, and your location.

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Wrapping Up

Knowing the step tiles roofing sheet price in Nigeria is essential because with that you will be able to do the exact calculation needed for roofing your building. I hope this blog post has answered the question of step tiles roofing sheet prices in Nigeria.

Ultimately, the price in this post is subject to change due to your location, the manufacturer, the supplier of the roofing sheet, and the exchange rate among others.

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