Dangote Cement Price in Nigeria (May 2024)


Dangote cement is one of the widely used and preferred products amongst others. It is a Nigerian-based cement company with expansion in other African countries.

Dangote cement price in Nigeria usually increases during festive periods as more people buy homes and do construction work.

Dangote Cement is the largest producer of cement in Nigeria. It has a market share of around 60%.

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Price of Dangote Cement in Nigeria

The current market price for Dangote Cement ranges between₦6,200 to ₦8,200 per 50kg bag at retail

The above-given prices aren’t fixed and are subject to change depending on locations.

The price of cement in Nigeria depends on a variety of factors. The main two are the production cost and the demand.

About Dangote Cement PLC

Dangote Cement plc is a Nigerian company incorporated in July 2010. The company manufactures, produces, and sells cement, clinker, and other related products.

It is the largest cement producer in Africa with 12 integrated plants across 6 countries. Dangote Cement Plc formerly known as Obajana Cement Plc was founded by Aliko Dangote, who is also the chairman of the company.

The company’s current CEO is Michel Puchercos. From February 2020 to date, the company had an installed production capacity of 33 million metric tonnes per annum (mmtpa). The company has its headquarters in Lagos.

Why Choose Dangote Cement?

  • High-quality cement at an affordable price
  • Easily accessible and quick supply
  • Quick to set
  • Available in different grades to satisfy consumers’ needs.
  • The product is readily available and widely distributed in strategic locations thereby reducing or sometimes ruling out the shipping cost

How do I become a distributor of Dangote cement?

It’s one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into, and choosing the right location is very important though 


The following are the requirements needed to become a distributor.

  1. Capital to stock up 600 bags of Dangote Cement. This is the minimum order for a distributor 
  2. CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) registered Certificate 
  3. A scanned copy of the reference letter from your bank
  4. Passport photographs 
  5. A well-detailed application explaining why you are interested in being one of Dangote Cement which should be sent to the Distributor sent cementdistributor@dangote.com.
How to become a Dangote cement distributor

Factors that affect the price of Dangote Cement

The price of Dangote cement is determined by several factors. These include the cost of production, the availability of raw materials, and global market trends. The price may also be affected by changes in government policy or natural disasters.

In recent years, the price of Dangote cement has been fairly stable. However, there have been a few changes in price in certain markets. For example, in October 2017 the price of Dangote cement increased in Nigeria due to a shortage of dollars.

Overall, the price of Dangote cement is likely to continue to rise in line with the inflation rate in Nigeria.

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Different Grades of Dangote Cement

It is produced in three grades with each having distinct yet quality properties.

  • 3.25R CEM II = Suitable for plastering, low-rise building
  • 42.5R (3X) CEM II-AL = Higher clinker content suitable for 
  • 52.5 CEM I = Higher clinker for the main infrastructure including construction of Bridges.


Dangote Cement is one of the best options when choosing the right cement products. Although prices aren’t fixed, it is very fair for its high quality and availability.

Price fluctuation is also common to other cement brands. There is a need to factor in logistics costs as well.

Aside from using it for buildings and other infrastructures, you can also choose it as a line of business due to the lucrative nature of the business.

Price Last Updated: March 31th, 2024

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