Long Span Roofing Sheet Price in Nigeria: July 2024


The long-span roofing sheet is a well-known aluminum roofing sheet in Nigeria. The long-span roofing sheets are made of alloy, steel, reinforced and prestressed concrete, and timber. This unique sheet is called a long span roofing sheet because it exceeds a span of 12 meters.

Thus, the main purpose of these sheets is to provide extra protection to the building content. It is important to note that there are different types of long span roofing sheets in the market today. However, they all serve the same purpose. Ultimately, it is widely used in the roofing industry, warehouses, houses, and other forms of building construction.

Differences Between the Long Span and the Short Span Roofing Sheets

Both long-span and short span roofing sheets both serve the purpose of roofing a house. However, the long span roofing sheet is most durable and lasts longer than the short span roofing sheet.

Also, other notable differences between the long span and the short span roofing sheets are; thickness, length, width, design, and aesthetic look. In all these features the long span roofing sheets obtained an excellent mark. So choosing it for your building means you are choosing excellence.


Long Span Roofing Sheet Price In Nigeria

As of the time of writing this post the Long span roofing sheet price ranges from ₦2,460 to ₦3,600 per square meter depending on the thickness and location among others.

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Wrapping Up


The exact long span roofing sheet price has been a major problem for builders for the past years because of the unstable economic situation in the country. Nevertheless, the Long span roofing sheet price given in this post is the actual price as of the time of writing this article.

However, there may be changes due to your location, the manufacturer, or the supplier of the roofing sheet. Another important factor that affects the Long span roofing sheet price is the foreign exchange rate. This is because the roofing sheets are obtained from the imported rolled sheets of aluminium and then processed into your desired design and shapes.

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