Prices of Virony Doors in Nigeria (May 2024)


One thing people always look at when it comes to the market for doors is price. It is important to put emphasis on this factor considering that there are many types of doors in Nigeria today.

There are even different types of doors within each type. What you may be looking for in a door may also determine how much you will be spending on it.

Prices of Virony Doors in Nigeria

This is however according to the quality, durability, and other factors that determine how much a particular door will cost. Most people go for the cheapest doors in Nigeria. They are the ones without much consideration of the effectiveness of these doors.

In this article, we will look into some of the most popular Virony doors in Nigeria and also give you an idea of what these doors cost in Nigeria today.


Prices of Virony Doors in Nigeria

The cost of a door has been driven by the quality and some other factors. The cost is based on the size and design of the particular door. There are high-end doors in the market that may cost more than normal doors though.

Cost is determined by various factors including the size and materials used to make it. Above all, you should consider the prices of Virony doors in Nigeria below to see if it meets the budget before making any purchase decision. 

  • Virony Steel Doors 3 feet cost between ₦35, 000 – ₦55, 000
  • Virony Steel Doors 4 feet cost between ₦60, 000 – ₦80, 000
  • Virony Armored Door 3 Feet costs between ₦200, 000 – ₦250,000

Peculiarities of Virony Doors


  • Virony doors have a special, high-quality appearance.
  • They can be customized to user preferences.
  • Ideal for residential buildings, hotels, and government offices.


  • Known for their durability and premium quality materials.
  • Can withstand harsh conditions.
  • Known to be affordable due to their long-lasting nature.


  • Easy to install with simple instructions.
  • Suitable for beginners with provided instruction booklet.
  • Installation can be assisted by others if needed.


  • Sturdy construction ensures high security.
  • Can resist pests, thieves, and intruders.
  • Features lockable locking systems for added security.

Compare Prices of Doors in Nigeria


Virony doors are durable, secure, and affordable in Nigeria. Their quality and price make them popular. Ensure they fit your budget, considering both cost and longevity.

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