Prices of Door Handles in Nigeria (May 2024)


Door handles are essential in every home. Before purchasing, consider various options. We’ve compiled a list of door handle prices in Nigeria. However, you might want to know the prices of different types of doors in Nigeria.

Price of Door Handles in Nigeria

Prices of Door Handles in Nigeria

  • Tuya Fingerprint Door with Intelligent Camera – ₦‎130,000 – ₦‎140,000
  • Tuya Smart Lock with Fingerprint – ₦‎60,000 – ₦‎75,000
  • Complete Silver Lock (5 x 7”) – ₦‎7,700 – ₦‎10,000
  • Italian Door Lock – ₦‎15,000 – ₦‎18,000
  • Everleo Italian Door Lock – ₦‎12,000 – ₦‎15,000
  • Medium Cylinder Door Lock – ₦‎7,000 – ₦‎8,000
  • RFID Electronic Door Lock with Card – ₦‎17,000 – ₦‎22,000
  • Mul-T-Lock for Security – ₦‎24,000- ₦‎28,000
  • Zkteco Lever Lock with Touch Screen – ₦‎100,000 – ₦‎110,000

Key Considerations When Buying a Door Handle

  • Consider the size of the door handle and ensure it fits well on your door.
  • Check the material of the door handle; opt for durable materials like high-quality stainless steel.
  • Take into account the weight of the door handle to ensure it’s comfortable to use.
  • Determine the primary purpose of the door handle.
  • Ensure the handle allows for easy grip and effortless door opening.
  • Consider handles with extended grip panels for two-handed operation if needed.
  • Check if the handle comes in various colors to match your home decor.
  • Opt for a quality handle that is durable and long-lasting.

Compare Prices of Doors in Nigeria

Final Thoughts

Considering the price of door handles in Nigeria is equally important as their purpose because, without that, you would not get the right door handle for your home. You can get different options when it comes to the price of door handles but they are all good.


Good-quality handles make your home look good, while bad-quality ones will have no effect on your home at all. So when looking for a door handle to buy, you should consider its price and purpose, as well as the material used to make it and its size, before making a decision on what to buy.

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