10 Best Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria to Make Money in 2024


If you’re interested in making money online in Nigeria, or if you’re already earning some money currently but still want to increase the money.

It is, however, good to know that there are many platforms that you don’t need to do much all you have to do is to refer someone and earn money from referring him or her

Most of these apps also offer cash bonuses just for signing up as well as refer-a-friend programs that let you earn more by bringing other people into the app.

What does refer and earn apps mean?

Refer and Earn Apps are a type of mobile app that allows you to get rewards by referring friends.

Most apps in Nigeria allow users to earn by Referring friends so they can get points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards, Some other platform gives it uses real money for each referral they bring.

List of Best Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria

Below is a list of the 10 best Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria currently

1. Hawkit

Hawkit is a Nigerian-based mobile app that allows every individual using a smartphone to earn money online by doing a few tasks that are not hard at all.


This app also allows its users to make more money by referring their friends to sign up with their referral link. You might want to read about how to refer and earn with hawkit.

2. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a mobile app that provides Nigerians with the opportunity to save and invest money more regularly. 


It is because some Nigerians are not used to saving their money, and that is why this platform came into existence. 

It helps by giving them the option of investing their money every week, biweekly, or monthly at an agreed percentage of return on their invested funds. 

They also offer a referral program for those who want an extra way of earning rewards for what they’ve already saved and invested.

3. Risevest

Risevest is a mobile app that provides users with access to the best wealth opportunities and financial products. 


They offer a simple way to manage your finances through the Risevest app, as well as insightful educational content to help you build wealth. 

The company’s mission at Risevest is to connect users to the best wealth opportunities. Also, Risevest offers its customers the ability to refer a friend and make money per referral they get.


4. Fairmoney

FairMoney is a Digital banking and Instant Loans app in Nigeria that offers a wide range of financial services. 


This app offers instant loans all you need is your bank details and they are also offering savings accounts with interest rates of up to 10%. You will not be charged any fee or commission for using their referral service.

FairMoney is a very easy-to-use, convenient, and reliable way for Nigerians to enjoy their banking and lending needs. Currently, as a Nigerian, you can now receive cash back for every person you refer to using the fairmoney app.

5. Flitaa

Flitaa is a buy, Sell, Swap, and earn Crypto app in Nigeria, and with this app, you can earn crypto by referring friends or from the Earn section of the app, you can also buy, sell and swap crypto assets on the platform with other users. 


6. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is one of the coolest ways to transact your money in Nigeria, it is an app whereby you can refer a friend and get money back. 

Chipper Cash

All you need to do is first install the Chipper app, link a credit card to it, and then copy your referral code, then send it to someone the person would sign up with the code to get his or her referral bonus.

7. Xtraincome

Xtraincome is one of the best refer and earn apps out there. It is a health and fitness app that rewards you with points for completing activities on the app you get to earn. 


This app also allows its users to make more money from the referrals they are able to bring, letting them be among the list of best referrals and earn apps in Nigeria.

8. Jumia

Jumia is one very popular e-commerce app in Nigeria, this app allows you to sell anything from anywhere to anybody residing in the country.


The app makes you more money if you are able to run with its affiliate program, that is refer a particular product to an interested buyer, if he or she purchases. ThenJumia would pay the user who referred the goods to the buyer. 

9. Piggyvest

PiggyVest is another fantastic financial app that allows users to save their money and also to get by the number of referrals they have on their downline.


10. Kuda

This is another amazing financial app in Nigeria that helps users to transact money peacefully from one user to another it is also one very good app that pays for referrals.


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Apps that pay for referrals in Nigeria are majorly starting up apps that need a very large number of users all over. 

The referral system is a popular method used across the country, although, some are legit while some others aren’t. The above is a list of the legit ones try them out today. Good luck 

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