Hawkit Review 2024: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Hawkit.ng is an online marketplace app for business owners and startups in Nigeria to promote and grow their business. With Hawkit, users can earn money by completing social media tasks and earning commissions on sales.

The platform has been around for a while now without its monetizing features though, it was simply a platform where you could buy and sell. You get to display your products for free via the listing features the site was designed with, and amazingly, you could get buyers within the country.

Of recent, there was a rebranding of the platform which included the “earn money scheme” which allows you to earn per task.

Active members on the Hawkit platform have the privilege of earning ₦5000 daily by simply performing these tasks.

As a newbie looking to make money off the online space, the Hawkit platform might be a starting ground for you. Kindly follow through to the end of this article as we will be providing you with all you need to know about the hawkit platform.

Let’s get started!

About Hawkit.ng

Hawkit International Limited (RC 1677464) established in June 1, 2020, an online business organization. Hawkit International Limited offers customers the convenience of online shopping, allowing them to purchase food items at prices lower than market rates. These food items are then delivered directly to the customers’ homes at no additional cost.

Hawkit is a platform developed by Tech Champions Services, a Web and Mobile App Development Company located in Lagos. With Hawkit, you can easily advertise your products and services and also earn daily income by reposting adverts on your social media accounts.


The platform boasts of active users earning a minimum of ₦5000 daily by performing and completing tasks allocated to them.

Hawkit has no membership limit and is open for anyone to join and start making money with social media. It is a platform open to all and sundry.

If you are looking at earning an extra income considering how the situation of the country is, hawkit could be your best choice.

How to join Hawkit.ng?

To join the Hawkit platform, simply click on their registration link which will take you to the sign up page. After completing the registration, you will see a “become a member” option on your dashboard. Clicking this will officially make you a money-earning member of Hawkit.

Join Hawkit

If asked for referral details during sign up, input the username of the person who referred you to maximize your earnings potential.

How does Hawkit work

As I mentioned earlier, hawkit.ng is a platform where its registered users earn money by simply performing social media tasks.

What the platform does is that it takes the task of people who need a particular service, especially on social media, and it then gives out the task to its members, after which these members are paid a percentage of the money collected from these advertisers.

These tasks are then allocated to Hawkit members who complete them and get paid a percentage of the fees paid by the advertisers.

For example, if an advertiser wants to acquire more followers on his or her Instagram page, what the advertiser will do, is simply contact hawkit.ng with his services. With respect to this, hawkit will share the task with its members.

So, a part of the revenue generated from this bid is what hawkit uses to pay its members.

Some of the ways members earn money on Hawkit are:

  • Completing tasks like Apple store reviews, Google Play reviews, YouTube subscriptions etc.
  • Sharing posts, commenting, liking pages across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok as required.
  • Referring new members to the platform through your referral link.
  • Reselling mobile airtime and data packs.
  • Earning sales commissions when users buy products via your posts and content.

How to make money on Hawkit?

Here are some of the popular Hawkit earning potentials and how much you can make:

  • Apple Store Reviews – ₦60 per review
  • Google Play Reviews – ₦30 per review
  • YouTube Subscriptions – ₦30 per subscription
  • WhatsApp Status Updates – ₦20 per advert status
  • Facebook Comments – ₦15 per comment
  • Facebook Post Shares – ₦10 per share
  • Twitter Retweets – ₦10 per retweet
  • Follows/Likes – ₦3 per follow/like
  • Referrals – ₦500 per successful referral
  • Social Boost Commissions – 20% commissions on sales generated
  • Reselling Data/Airtime – Make profit margins on VTU sales

As you can see, active users can comfortably earn over ₦5000 daily by combining various tasks and revenue streams. The more active you are, the more money you can make on Hawkit.

Interestingly, on the hawkit platform, there are tons of ways to make money and my hawkit review won’t be complete if I don’t give you detailed information about the ways to earn money.

People earning on Hawkit website
People earning on Hawkit website

Let’s get started

Performing task

Primarily, this is the basic way to earn on the platform. It is a signatory on the platform already, once you are logged in on their website, you see this like a banner displayed everywhere on the platform.

Apple store review


This is the most paid task on the platform, you get paid the sum of ₦60 per task performed on the platform.

The task requires that you do a review and also download some selected apps from the Apple store.

What you earn per review is ₦60.

Isn’t that amazing?

Google play app review

The Google Play app review is another task on the platform that pays handsomely, you get.

A sum of ₦30 for every review you give.

It’s kind of relative to the Apple Store review in that you will be required to review and download selected apps from the Google Play Store.

The only striking difference between this and the Apple Store is the amount you will be paid.

YouTube channel subscription

This task on hawkit pays you ₦30 for subscribing to a YouTube channel, how this is done is that, once this task is available, a link is provided that will lead you to the advertiser’s YouTube channel after which you hit the subscribe button.

WhatsApp status

The WhatsApp status task is quite simple, all you need do is to post a business advert that hawkit will provide for you on your status. After this is done, you will get the sum of ₦20 as earnings per task depending on the number of business advertisements you put up on your WhatsApp status.


With this, you are set to earn ₦15 per task. You solely have to comment on selected Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok posts. It simply means that the more posts you comment on, the more you earn.

Facebook post share

All you need do is to share posts from some selected social media accounts on hawkit.ng with friends on your Facebook account. This task gives ₦10 per share

Twitter retweet

This task pays you ₦10 per retweet. So, for every retweet, you get paid ₦10

Follow and like

Finally, on how to make money from hawkit, the follow and like task is the least paid on this platform. You get paid ₦3 Naira individually for liking and following a page. The social media attached to this task are Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram.

How Hawkit referral works?

  • Hawkit offers a lucrative referral program where you can earn ₦500 for every person who signs up via your referral link and activates their account.
  • To get your referral link, your account must first be activated by adding ₦1000 to it. Once activated, you can access your unique referral link from the dashboard to start referring and earning.
  • You also get 20% commission when someone referred by you buys social media services like followers, likes etc from Hawkit.

How to get my referral link?


To get your hawkit referral link, your account needs to be activated. You can use my referral link or my username (thecullers) during registration to enjoy this.

What you need for your account activation is ₦1000. After your account has been activated, simply navigate to your dashboard, scroll down a little, and you will see the “refer and earn” icon, kindly click on it to get a copy of your referral link.

Other ways to earn on the hawk platform

Resell data

The hawkit.ng platform allows you to start a data-selling business on its platform. All you need do is to log in to your dashboard, scroll down a little bit and you will see the “start Data and airtime business” option, Simply click on it and follow the prompt.

How to Withdraw Money from Hawkit

The minimum withdrawal on Hawkit is ₦1000. You can withdraw your earnings into a bank account or to popular mobile money wallets.

To withdraw, simply click the withdraw button on your dashboard and enter your bank details. The process is quick and payments are usually processed within 24 hours.

Hawkit Review 2023

The Good

Personally, I have been making money with hawkit without any itch by performing some simple tasks, and here is the proof:

hawkit payment proof
hawkit payment proof

The Bad

Hawkit payment per task is very low. You might need to complete 100 ₦30 tasks before making ₦3,000. That is why people love referring because they will refer just six people to earn the same amount.

The Ugly

Lately, around the month of August last year, people started complaining of several hawkit fall shorts on their social handle pages, as shown in screenshots below

Hawkit review on facebook
Hawkit review on its Facebook page
Hawkit complaint on facebook
Angered Hawkit Customer
Hawkit scam allegation on facebook
Hawkit scam allegation on Facebook

Wrap Up

Hawkit provides an opportunity to leverage social media and make money through simple tasks, referrals and reselling airtime/data. If you are looking to earn an extra income, Hawkit is worth signing up for. Just be active and utilize all the earning options for best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hawkit

What is the minimum withdrawal from the hawkit.ng platform?

The minimum withdrawal is ₦100, to withdraw the funds earned on the platform, simply navigate to your dashboard, and click on the Withdraw button to withdraw your funds.

Is Hawkit a scam?

Hawkit.ng is not a scam but might be guilty of delayed payments and several delayed services as well.

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