Selar Affiliate Marketing: Best Way to Make Money in 2024


Sell while sleeping with the Selar affiliate marketing network.

In today’s world, you do not have to work hard; all you need is to work smart!

One of the proven ways of working smart is through affiliate marketing.

For instance, Amazon has a market cap of $1.072 trillion as of February 1, 2023.

Even with that huge amount, they don’t own the products listed on their marketplace.

All they do is CONNECT buyers with merchants.

Selar Affiliate Marketing

Furthermore, Uber, the largest transport company in the world, does not own taxis …they CONNECT riders with drivers.

Ultimately, the Real Estate giant, Airbnb, does not own a single apartment, they only CONNECT lodging travelers with homeowners.

All of the above is made possible via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing lets you earn a commission by advertising other people’s products or services.

It simply involves referring a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platform, podcast, or website

You can carry out the advertisement through the use of an affiliate link.

Selar affiliate marketing is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for making money in 2023.

Why Selar Affiliate Marketing?

Selar, a unique e-commerce platform in Nigeria, has built a simple tool to help you sell any content or product online quickly.

Hence you do not have to worry about operational and technical costs.

Ultimately, it helps you sell whatever you can and anything you can think of.

However, you do not need to own any products or render services as an affiliate marketer.

The result of selar affiliate marketing is a sale.

Regardless, some affiliate marketing programs can reward you for leads, a free-trial user’s clicks to a website, or downloads for an app.

One of the pros of Selar’s Affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to wait until Friday before you get paid.

If you make sales within Nigeria, you get paid in the next 24 hours.

However, you will have to wait for three to ten days for products with foreign currencies. 

Different from other affiliate networks, the Selar affiliate network has various payment options.

Some are Payle money, US dollars, Canadian dollars, Naira, Ghana cedis, Kenya shillings, Tanzania shillings, Uganda shillings, and others.

Hence, with these numerous payment options, you, as an affiliate, and merchant, could sell to people worldwide.

Ultimately, for traders, Selar affiliate marketing allows you to boost sales of your products and increase your revenue. 

Besides, it is cost-effective, and you only pay based on performance. That is, only when you make a sale.

On the other hand, being an affiliate means you are willing to earn commissions to promote products or services for people or companies.

How to Make Money via Selar Affiliate Marketing

There are two ways in which you can make money on selar.

You can make money as a trader or as an affiliate marketer.


How to Make Money on Selar Affiliate Marketing as a Merchant.

As a merchant, you can sell around the clock with Selar affiliates’ networks in just five steps.

  • Then you enter your bank information
  • After that, upload the products you wish to sell on Selar.
  • Ultimately, share store links with your customers and get paid nonstop for the rest of your life.
  • After that, enter your affiliate’s email address, then set a commission they should get when anyone buys from their link.

After carrying out the above steps, the trader and the affiliate marketer receive money whenever a sale is sealed.

Ultimately, selar automatically sends both parties mail when anyone buys the product.

Then splits the commission and pays both parties.

How to Make Money on Selar Affiliate Marketing as an Affiliate

As an affiliate marketer, you do not need to have products to upload on Selar before you can earn.

You can make cool cash from the comfort of your room by advertising other people’s products.

However, the merchant must have added you to their Affiliate program, and you must have received a custom affiliate link that helps you track your sales on every product.

Alternatively, you can also apply to be on Selar’s Affiliate Network.

However, this will cost you ₦2,000/year.

Ultimately, all you need to do is browse the list of high-ticket products and earn your commission when you make a sale.

How do I Attract more Sales for my Listed Products on Sealar

One of the best ways to make more money on Selar is to offer a percentage off a certain amount of purchases made from your online store.

Otherwise, you may consider offering them (your customers) other incentives.

When you do this, it makes the work of the affiliate marketer easier to direct potential leads to your sales page.

Furthermore, you can also leverage niche influencers.

Niche influencers are individuals with a grounded knowledge of their field and are effective in creating brand awareness that drives sales.

Doing this will undoubtedly increase your sales as these niche influencers bring brand partnerships and endorsements.

Hence, make their followers trust their opinion about a product or service.


Ultimately, they do not only sell, but they also foster relationships between themselves and the brand, the leads who are their followers, and the brands.

What Can I Sell on Selar?

You can sell anything you can think of on Selar.

Things like digital products include event tickets, ebooks, online courses, templates, and worksheets.

Furthermore, there is room for selling your physical products and training.

Ultimately, there’s no limit to what you can sell on Selar. 

Which Countries can Sell on Selar?

At present, selar currently supports Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa.

However, it is rapidly expanding into more markets in Africa and Europe.

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Selar Affiliate Marketing Program has numerous great features that will make you earn money even while asleep.

It is worth noting that transacting business on Selar is not a scam, as many traders and affiliates are cashing out daily.

All you need to do as a merchant is create an affiliate marketing system for free after listing your products, and you will continue receiving bank alerts nonstop.

Ultimately, as an affiliate, you only need to sell other people’s products, and then you will collect your commission from the sales. 

Start affiliate marketing today, and let’s meet at the top.

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