Passport Printer Price in Nigeria: June 2024


Passport printers are of high importance mainly when you deal with the processing of overseas traveling documents. You know, almost everybody wants to Japa out of the country. Therefore, they need a travel document.

With the rate at which people travel out of the country, the passport printer price in Nigeria is one of the questions most companies that deal with the processing of travel documents want to know.

Thus, its demand is high. Whether you are an individual who wishes to have a digital copy of your new passport photo or a company who wants to know about the passport printer price in Nigeria, this post is for you. In this post, I will give you the exact passport printer price in Nigeria without compromising.

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Features of Passport Printer Price


Some of the features of the passport printers are as follows. Modern passport printers can print on both standard paper and directly on passport security paper. Besides, one of the good things is that we now have an intelligent passport printer that prints without wasting time, protects data, and increases productivity among others.

There are a variety of passport printers; some use the inkjet print engine, while others use a laser print engine. All these printers will produce real-life-like colors that are clean and bright. Also, they are reliable.

Passport Printer Price in Nigeria

Passport printer price in Nigeria are tabulated below. However, there are other specifications, you can always check Ali Baba for more. 

Passport PrinterPrice
My Passport Passport Photo Printer Canon Selpy₦ 165,400
CFS Products Passport Photo Printer System – Preconfigured for US Passports₦ 552,500
CFS Products Smartphone Passport Photo System – Compatible with iPhone and Android₦ 453,700
Original new Olivetti PR2E passport printer₦ 260,000
Customize portable passport photo Boot printer₦ 2,165,800
Hiti Portable P320w Photo/passport Printer₦ 44,000
Passport Printer (Canon CP900 And CP1000)₦ 60,000
Hiti S420 Passport and Photo Printer₦ 110,000
P322w Hiti a Minute Passport Printer₦ 105,000
Epson Pm520 Printer For Passport Photos Print₦ 125,700

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Final Thought 


A passport printer is undoubtedly one of the most essential instruments for those in the printing sector, especially those who specialize in processing travel documents. That is why this blog post is here to solve your problem and help you increase your productivity.

Consequently, all the passport printers listed above are Ideal for localized issuance and emergency passport printing. Also, all the passport printer prices given above are the actual price of those printers as of the time of writing this post. To get an updated price visit Jumia and Ali Baba. Why not buy one today and run your business like a pro? 

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