Mini Printer Price in Nigeria: July 2024


Mini printer price in Nigeria: Since many people now do their work on the go. There is a need for portable instruments that will ease our work. And that is why the tech company has deemed it fit to produce a mini printer for those involved in printing work.

Accordingly, the mini printer price in Nigeria is one of the questions asked by many, especially those in the 

A mini printer is a type of small, portable, and lightweight printer that can be used at home and in the office. Furthermore, these mini printers also known as mobile printers have been designed to be used anywhere you go. 

Features of Mini Printer

The Mini printer also known as the mobile printer is a durable printer that is easy to carry about. Despite its size, it is known for its maximum resolution of 203 dots per inch (dpi). Thus, printed documents and pictures are sharp, clear and of high quality. Besides this, below are some other unique features of the mini printer.

  1. Portability

One of the critical features of a mini printer is that it is portable. You can easily carry it in your bag or pocket, thus allowing you to print documents wherever you are. 

2. Wireless Printing

A mini or mobile printer supports wireless printing, meaning you can print directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop without cables.

3. Convenience 

The mini printer is so convenient to use. The presence of wireless functionality, portability, USB Interface, speed, and use of thermal paper, among others, all provide flexibility and convenience to users.

4. Fast Printing Speed


Though the mini printer is small, it offers an Impressive printing speed. It can print 20 pages per minute (ppm). Thus, with it, you can quickly print your documents without any delays.

5. Easy Paper Feed

With the mini printer, you can quickly load your paper. This is because it has a manual paper feed mode. This user-friendly feature ensures a smooth printing experience.

6. Versatile Paper Size

 The mini printer lets you easily print letters, reports, or presentations. This is because the mini printer supports a maximum paper size of A4, the standard size for most documents.

7. USB Interface

The mini printer has a USB interface. This allows you to connect it to your computer or laptop easily. Ultimately, the presence of the interface ensures a stable and reliable connection, enabling you to print your files without any hassle.

Mini Printer Price in Nigeria


However, the price differs due to the variety of mini printers, the location where you get it, and the brand, among others. In the table below are some mini printer prices you can buy.

Mini Thermal Printer Wireless Bluetooth Printer 58mm Paper₦19,160
Portable Mini Printer Student Study Labels Thermal Printer₦12,130
Bisofice Mini Pocket Photo Printer Portable Thermal Printing Machine 203dpi Wireless BT Connection₦12,410
Portable Mini Bluetooth Printer With Thermal Receipt₦19,475
Bisofice 58mm Mini Portable Thermal Printer Wireless Lable Receipt
Cute Portable Printer Thermal Printing 53mm Sticker Wireless Inkless Mini Pocket Printer₦32,690
Mini Thermal Printer Wireless Bluetooth Printer 58mm Paper₦30,500

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Wrapping Up

A mini printer is a must, especially if you are into digital works, be it a student or professional. It offers numerous benefits, like portability, wireless printing, fast printing speed, easy paper feed, high resolution, and a USB interface. Ultimately, with this blog post, you should not have a problem with the mini printer price in Nigeria.


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