Laserjet Printer Prices in Nigeria: June 2024


A laserjet printer is one of the most widely used types of computer printers in most offices, businesses, and homes. Thus, the laserjet printer prices are what most people want to know. This is not far-fetched if not for their unique speed, resolution (fineness of print), printer language, and paper handling among others.

All these features are made possible because laserjet printers use a laser beam to produce an image that appears as printed output. The images formed are created as an array of beautiful dots. Using a laser makes fantastic, detailed photos, either text or pictures. 

Furthermore, the laserjet printer uses a non-impact printing technology, making the printers very quiet. Consequently, many users regard the lack of noise as an important buying criterion for office use.

Note that there are different types of laserjet printers. Some are simplex, that is, they can print only one side of the paper, while others are duplex, meaning they can print both sides. A few laser printers can print color images, but most of these printers are monochrome devices.

You know the Laserjet printer prices in Nigeria vary since there are different laserjet printers. Thus, in this blog post, I will share some of the most reliable laserjet printer prices with you. 

Some of the Most Reliable Laserjet Printers


Below are some of the most widely used laserjet printers you will not regret buying.

HP Laserjet Printers

The table below shows some of the HP Laserjet printer prices in Nigeria.

Different spec. of HP laserjet printersPrices
HP LaserJet MFP 135A All-In-One Black And White Printer₦260,000
HP LaserJet M110We AirPrint Black And White Wireless Printer₦125,000
HP Laserjet Mfp 137fnw Monochrome Multi-Function Printer₦295,000
HP LaserJet M110We AirPrint Black And White Wireless Printer₦154,000
HP Laserjet MFP 135w₦264,000
HP Laserjet Mfp M141a Monochrome Multifunction Printer₦192,000
HP Laserjet MFP 135a All-in-One Printer₦260,000
HP Laserjet Pro Mfp 28a All-in-one Monochrome Printer₦300,000
HP 107a A4 Monochrome Laserjet Printer₦160,000

HP Color Laserjet PRO MFP M479FNW (W1A78A)

Note that there are other specs for HP laserjet printers. Visit the HP official website for more information.

Canon Laserjet Printer Prices


The table below shows some of the Canon Laserjet printer prices in Nigeria.

Canon Laserjet PrintersPrice
Canon I-SENSYS LBP663Cdw A4 Colour Laser Printer₦430,000
Canon PIXMA G2411 Ink Tank All-In-One Printer₦230,000
Canon Ink Cart CANON SELPHY CP1300 BK₦181,500
Canon ImagePROGRAF TM-200 24-inch Large-Format Inkjet Printer₦835,990
Canon Pixma G3411 AIO Refillable Ink Tank Wi-fi Printer + A4 Paper₦179,990

Epson Laserjet Printer Prices

Epson Laserjet PrinterPrice
Epson ActionLaser₦303,240
Epson ActionLaser 1000₦303,240
Epson ActionLaser 1100₦303,240
Epson ActionLaser 1400₦303,240
Epson ActionLaser 1500₦303,240
Epson ActionLaser 1600
Epson ActionLaser II
Epson ActionLaser+

Xerox Laserjet Printer Prices 

Xerox Laserjet PrinterPrice
Xerox C310Color laser printer₦558,600
Xerox C230Color laser printer₦410,970
Xerox C410Color laser printer₦996,170
Xerox B410Black-and-white laser printer₦1,129,170
VersaLink C8000WColor tabloid printer featuring white toner₦6,422,570
VersaLink C8000Color tabloid LED printer₦3,802,470

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Wrapping Up

There is no doubt this guide has been able to provide you with extensive laserjet printer prices from the 4 top-brand printer manufacturers. So buy one and enjoy your work.

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