Dulux Paint Price in Nigeria Today (April 2024)


There is no doubt that Dulux paint happens to be one of the best paints available in the market today. This is because it is widely recognized for its quality and long-lasting and beautiful colors. 

Dulux paint price in Nigeria is also one of the many factors people consider before choosing it aside from its good quality and the long-lasting impression it gives on buildings, as it appears to be more affordable than other paints in its category. 

About Dulux Paint

Dulux paint was introduced in 1957 and has since been bestowing buildings with classic, stylish, and long-lasting colors with its paints.

If you are thinking of beautifying your building with paints and need guidance on what to choose,  you are in the right place, as Dulux paint might be just all you need to achieve that classic look you want to give your building. 

This article will answer all the questions you have been meaning to ask about Dulux paint, such as Dulux paint price in Nigeria and why you should choose Dulux paint. 

Price of Dulux paints in Nigeria according to types  

In this section, let’s look at different Dulux paint prices in Nigeria as of 2023 with regard to their types. 

Dulux Emulsion Paint Price in Nigeria:

Paint Measurement Price
Brilliant White Colour4L₦15,000
Light Colour4L₦15,000
Deep Colour4L₦18,000
Extra Deep Colour4L₦19,000
Rich Extra Deep Colour4L₦19,000
Brilliant White Colour20L₦69,000
Light Colour20L₦68,000
Deep Colour20L₦81,000
Extra Deep Colour20L₦85,000
Rich Extra Deep Colour20L₦85,000

Dulux Gloss Paint Price in Nigeria

Paint Measurement Price
Brilliant White Colour4L₦22,000
Light Colour4L₦22,000
Deep Colour4L₦24,000
Extra Deep Colour4L₦26,000
Rich Extra Deep Colour4L₦30,000
Dulux Gloss Paint

Dulux Eggshell Paint Price in Nigeria

Paint Measurement Price
Light Color 4L₦21,000
Black 4L₦24,000
Brilliant White4L₦25,000
Deep Color 4L₦23,000
Rich Extra Deep Color4L ₦27,000
Extra Deep Color4L₦27,000

Dulux Silk Emulsion Paint Price in Nigeria

Paint Measurement Price
Brilliant White4L₦20,000
Light Color 4L₦20,000
Deep Color 4L₦22,000
Extra Deep Color 4L₦23,000
Rich Extra Deep Color 4L₦23,000
Rich Extra Deep Color 20L₦96,000
Light Color 20L₦79,000
Deep Color 20L₦91,000
Brilliant White 20L₦85,000
Off White 20L₦96,000
Extra Deep Color 20L₦96,000
Dulux Silk Emulsion

Dulux Weathershield Textured Paint Price in Nigeria

Paint Measurement Price
Brilliant White20L₦66,000
Extra Deep20L₦61,000
Rich Extra Deep20L₦81,000

Dulux Weathershield Textured Matt Paint Price in Nigeria

Paint Measurement Price
Brilliant White20L₦81,000
Extra Deep20L₦86,000
Rich Extra Deep20L₦99,000

Dulux Weathershield Ultra Textured Paint Price in Nigeria

Paint Measurement Price
Brilliant White20L₦75,000
Extra Deep20L₦83,000
Rich Extra Deep20L₦92,000

Dulux Weathershield Smooth Paint Price in Nigeria

Paint Measurement Price
Brilliant White20L₦76,000
Extra Deep20L₦74,000
Rich Extra Deep20L₦74,000

Other Specified Dulux Trade Products: 

  • HS Hammerite No 1 Rust Beater Primer
  • DA DLX Roofguard Basic Black
  • DA DLX Roofguard Grecian Grey
  • DA DLX Rainshield Grey
  • DA DLX Rainshield White
  • DA DLX Supergrip All Purpose Primer
  • DA DLX Primer for Galvanized iron

Note: Prices of Dulux paints listed here are subject to change as they are not fixed. 

Price Last Updated: August 1st, 2023

We are making efforts to provide you with the most accurate price available from these various brands, if you notice any discrepancy, please contact us or leave a comment below with the current price.

Why you should buy Dulux paint

You may want to consider the affordability of Dulux paint when choosing it to beautify your building, but there are some other things you should look into before deciding on purchasing this paint or not. 

Here are some reasons you should consider buying Dulux paint. 

  • Dulux paint comes in different colors and textures that will bring out the classic and fanciful look you desire in your building.
  • Dulux paint is a water-based paint. You don’t have to be scared of washing off as it can withstand water. 
  • With its antibacterial component, Dulux paint does not allow bacteria or Microorganisms to grow in your building. 
  • Dulux paint is safe and secure for painting all parts of your building, including the interior and exterior walls. 
  • Dulux paint is durable and long-lasting. You don’t have to fear washing or peeling off your walls. 
  • Dulux paints can withstand harsh weather conditions. 
  • Dulux paint is very efficient. A slight drop on your wall can cover a vast space. 

Compare the Price of Paints in Nigeria

Wrap Up

Dulux paint is one of the best paints in Nigeria that would help give your buildings the beautification you desire. 

Dulux paint price in Nigeria varies depending on the type of paint you are buying. 

It is important that you know that paint prices are not fixed just like other commodities; they are subject to change at any time. 

If you are considering whether to choose Dulux paints for your building or not, look into its quality, water-based, and antibacterial components that will protect your building walls after washing or peeling off. 

Dulux Paint Price in Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions About Dulux Paints

Where can I buy Dulux paints? 

You can get your Dulux paints from dealers, Dulux paint companies (when buying bulk), you can also order them online, and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

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