Price of President Paint in Nigeria (May 2024)


What people see first on a building is the coulor which is the end result of the painting. Every potential homeowner will be interested in giving a top-notch quality painting that will add more aesthetics to any structure.

The current price of president paint in Nigeria is one of the several factors builders and individuals will want to consider when choosing paint. That is exactly what we are discussing in this report.

However, we have recently written about Dulux paints and their prices in Nigeria. You might want to compare the prices before making a purchase.

Price of President Paint in Nigeria

About President Paint

Late Elder Tunde Senbanjo founded President Paint Nigeria in 1987. He was a British-trained, experienced technocrat who had a pedigree in the famed imperial chemicals industries.

President Paint Nigeria is headquartered in Lagos. It has up to 500 retail outlets nationwide and development facilities. It is an indigenous and one of the most reputable paint companies in the nation.

The company produces industrial coatings, decorative, marine protective, and wood finishes. Each brand of paint made by the company is specifically formulated to meet customers’ needs on a variety of materials and conditions.

President Paint Nigeria has a team that includes seasoned professionals who can produce high-quality products. They also offer special services such as product advice and color development.

President Paint has been rewarded with numerous awards, both international and local. The Awards are listed below

  • The ECOWAS International Gold Award
  • The Nigerian Institute of Building awards
  • The Nigerian Institute of Architects awards
  • The Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors awards
  • The National Painters Association of Nigeria award.

President Paint Price in Nigeria

The 20L of President Prescote Superior Emulsion cost around ₦30,000

Why President Paints?

  • Outstanding drying time
  • Color retention is excellent
  • High rate of spread
  • High build strength
  • Longer wearability
  • Cost-effective
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Environmental friendly
  • Unlimited interesting colors
  • Exceptional adherence to substrates
  • High mold growth resistance
  • High resistance to harsh weather conditions

President Paints offers high-quality emulsions ideal for homes, offices, and schools. Their durable, long-lasting paints come in gloss, textured, satin, and vinyl matt finishes. Choose from an extensive color selection to find the perfect shade.

President Paints delivers vivid hues that go on smoothly and maintain their vibrancy. Their premium paints provide great coverage and adhesion. Give your spaces a fresh new look with President Paints’ quality emulsions.

Compare the price of paints in Nigeria

Wrap up

In summary, Oil-based paint and water-based paint are the two main forms of paint. Oil-based paints often have a glossy and hard finish, whereas water-based paints are more stable over time and do not yellow.

Warm hues are commonly linked with heat and sunlight. They create a welcoming, pleasant, bright, and energetic environment. Cool hues, on the other hand, are associated with nature, water, and the sky. As a result, they provide a calming, relaxing, and tranquil effect.

The price of any president paint is determined by the type and the size needed. President Emulsions, President Vinyl Matt, president satin, and President Textured are high-quality paints that come in different sizes and varying colors. Protect and beautify your facilities simultaneously. You might need to make a serious and last longing choice today.

Price Last Updated: October 1st, 2023

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