Grouting Cement Price in Nigeria Today (May 2024)


The price of raw materials is always changing, as is the cost of transportation. Labor rates also vary from region to region.

Recently, Grouting cement price in Nigeria has never been stable. But, the nigerianprices team embarked on a research journey to deliver its latest price.

Grouting cement is another special type of cement used for cement grouting.

Cement grouting is the process of mixing grouting cement and water with the aid of a grouting machine to fill holes, gaps, and cracks.

Grouting cement is a construction material that is made of aggregate, binder, and water. The aggregate is usually a combination of crushed stone and sand.

The binder is usually Portland cement, but other types of cement are sometimes used. The water is added in small amounts to create a slurry that can be poured into forms to create concrete or masonry units.

Current Price of Grouting Cement in Nigeria

There are many factors that affect the price of grouting cement in Nigeria. The cost of the raw materials, transportation, and labor all play a role in the final price of grouting cement at the market.

As a result, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate of the price of grouting cement in Nigeria. However, we have come up with this from our market survey.

Here is the current price of grouting cement in Nigeria

Sika Grout (212) cement

  • Pack Size: 25 kg bag
  • Price Range: ₦9,000 – ₦15,000

Sochem Grouting cement

  • Pack Size: 25 kg bag
  • Price Range: ₦6,500 – ₦10,000

C.S Tile Filler Grout Cement (RUGA)

  • Pack Size: 5 kg bag
  • Price Range: ₦2,500 – ₦3,800

Sika Top Seal 107 Waterproof and Protection

  • Price Range: ₦55,000 – ₦65,000

We are making efforts to provide you with the most accurate price available from these various brands, if you notice any discrepancy, please contact us or leave a comment below with the current price.

sochem grouting cement
Sochem grouting cement bag

Is grout better than white cement?

It might sound strange, but it is widely known in the construction business that grout is not as good as white cement.
That is because it is harder to find the perfect balance between the sturdiness and flexibility of grout and mortar compared to white cement.
Cement grout
It is also harder to come up with grout with the exact hue to match the color of the wall tile the customer is using.
White cement, on the other hand, has the flexibility of a plaster which allows it to take on the exact hue of the wall tile. It also cures quickly, and no one can argue with the fact that it makes your work more accurate.


Uses of Grouting Cement in Nigeria 

Grouting cement is a specialized type of cement that is used in construction projects. It is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and water that is used to fill the joints between tiles and to seal tile grout lines. Grouting cement is also used as an adhesive for certain types of flooring materials.

There are two main types of grouting cement: unsanded and sanded. Unsanded grouting cement is used for projects that require a smooth finish, such as grouting glass tiles. Sanded grouting cement contains small particles of sand that give it a rough texture, which is ideal for grouting stone tiles.

Uses of Grouting Cement

Cement grouting is suitable for

  • Machine and base plate construction finishing
  • Doweling reinforcing bars
  • For post fixings
  • Filling cavities, holes, gaps, and cracks
  • For bedding joints in precast concrete sections


The price of grouting cement in Nigeria is determined by a number of factors. These factors include the cost of production, the availability of raw materials, and the demand for cement.

Sika and Sochem are premium imported brands that are more expensive. The RUGA grout cement is likely a more affordable local brand. The Sika Top Seal is a specialty waterproofing product. Overall this provides a good overview of current price ranges for grouts and sealants in the Nigerian construction industry.

The price of cement also varies from one region to another, depending on the cost of transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between grout and adhesive?

Grout is a material used to fill the space between tiles, while adhesive is a material used to stick things together. Adhesive is also known as glue.

What is cement grouting?

Cement grouting is a process that is used to fill the gaps between the cement and the soil. This is done in order to improve the load-bearing capacity of the soil.

The process of grouting also helps to stabilize the foundation of a structure. Grouting cement prices in Nigeria will vary depending on the size of the project, and the type of cement that is used.

Is grout the same as cement

The terms cement and grout are often used interchangeably, but they are actually quite different.

Cement is a powder that is mixed with water to form a hard substance. Grout is also a hard substance, but it is made by mixing small pieces of cement with water and sand.

Many cement products contain grout and many grout products contain cement. Usually, grout serves as a base for other materials, including tile.

Grout is used to fill cracks or holes in the base, creating a smooth surface for the tiles to sit on. You can think of grout as a type of mortar, but cement is not mortar.

Price Last Updated: February 5th, 2024

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