50 Daily Income Business In Nigeria (Best 2024 Picks)


It is becoming the norm for people who intend to start a profitable business to search for advice on what kind of business in Nigeria with daily income to invest in that would bring in daily income.

Many are seeking legit ways to make money daily, either because they are tired of being bossed around or because their present work is time- and energy-consuming with meager pay. 

Either way, the pure truth remains that there are thousands of businesses you can invest in that will bring you daily income, either online or offline. 

Daily Income Business In Nigeria

Not all businesses bring in daily income, but there are still the best daily income business ideas in Nigeria you can invest in either as a side hustle or a full-time business.

This article aims to show you the best daily income business in Nigeria that could help you become your boss, which is less time- and energy-consuming. 

List of Daily income businesses in Nigeria

If you are tired of waking up early to rush to work and coming back at the odd hour of 5p.m. and more, this article might help you discover the best way to stop running from pillars to poles and, in the end, give me a meager salary. In this guide, you will learn about 50 businesses you can start that will generate income for you daily from trendy business ideas.

Firstly, let’s talk about what the daily income business means. 

A daily income business in Nigeria gives business owners the possibility of making money every single day. 

In this modern day and age, a business that brings daily income is not limited to physical businesses alone; that’s why we will be talking about a business that brings daily income in Nigeria in two categories, which are:

  • Best offline daily income business in Nigeria.
  • Best online daily income business in Nigeria. 

Best offline Daily Income Business in Nigeria 

Offline daily income businesses are business opportunities that are not done with the help of the Internet. They are also referred to as physical businesses, as they have a physical presence like a shop and would always bring daily income to the owner. 

Although they can still receive support online, these businesses can operate entirely offline without the interference of the internet.

Let’s look at businesses in Nigeria with daily income and how to kick-start them. 

1. Car Wash Business

The car wash business is one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria and requires little capital to start. 

All you need to do is secure a space for your business that can entertain at least three to five cars at a time, and get a source of water ssupply, a bucket, hoses, brushes, dashboard sprays, sponges, and vacuum cleaners. The only thing you may need to buy constantly is a detergent used to wash cars. 

One intriguing thing about this business is that you may be making your income daily without spending anything, especially if you are making use of free/natural water that you don’t have to buy.

This kind of business requires being situated in cities where there are more cars and a lot of car owners. 

2. Barbing Salon

At least once every two weeks, most males in Nigeria pay a visit to a salon to have their beard shaved or hair cut. Some women also visit the barbershop to have their hair dyed or trimmed.

This kind of business is one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria and is very easy to set up.  You can start his business with as little as ₦200,000. All you need to get for this business is a well-furnished and designed shop, a standby generator, big wall mirrors, chairs (rotational chairs and waiting chairs for other customers), clippers, cover clothes, gloves, a warm towel, and some hair treatment and conditioner. With this business, you can make at least ₦5000 daily, depending on the location of your business. 

3. Real Estate Agent

One of the fastest-growing daily business ideas in Nigeria is to be a real estate agent. 

People quickly get tired of searching for properties to rent or buy; this is where you come in. Help people get the kind of properties they desire, and they will pay you a commission when they like it. You can charge your commission before or after carrying out this service. 

This kind of business requires little or no capital. All you need is a connection to property owners and how to get the people who are interested in the property. You can choose to have a physical shop or not for this kind of business. 

4. Laundry and dry cleaning services

A laundry service business is one of the fastest and cheapest daily income businesses in Nigeria.  You do not necessarily have to service a loan before starting this business. You can choose to start the traditional way by handwashing your customer’s clothes. All you would need is laundry soap.

If you think of opening a medium-sized laundry dry cleaning business, you can also kick start with N400,000 and N1,000,000, depending on the location.

What you will need for this kind of business is: renting an office, purchasing a generator, washing machines, and other accessories, pressing an Iron and Ironing board, buckets, a water storage tank to store some water, and packaging bags for packaging ironed clothes.

5. Restaurant and Fast food Business

The restaurant business is one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria that can change your financial status within a short period of time.

The restaurant business has to do with cooking all sorts of delicacies for people who eat outside their homes. 

This business can be done without a shop but getting a shop for this business makes it look more developed. The food business might be very stressful but it will undoubtedly pay off if it is situated in a favorable and suitable environment.

6. Transportation Business

The transportation business is also one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria because people move from one place to another every day. The lack of public transport to convey people to their different destinations every day makes life unendurable for those who don’t have a means of mobility.

7. POS Payments Service

POS Payment services are one of the trending businesses that bring in daily income in Nigeria. In fact, some students affected by the ongoing ASUU strike in Nigeria have used this POS business as a point of rescue.

People pat you for making their bank transactions easy, just like taking their bank to their nearest locations. You 

daily income business in nigeria
ASUU Strike POS Services

This business makes more sense when there are no banks or ATM points. You can charge from ₦100 and above, depending on the amount being withdrawn or transferred. What is needed for this business is a small shop or kiosk, and a POS machine. You can also start this business in your house if you do not have the means to get a shop yet. 

8. Foodstuff Business

The foodstuff business is a great option when looking for a business in Nigeria with a daily income. As it doesn’t require huge capital, it is also very lucrative. 

Foodstuffs refer to what can be consumed as food or that can be used to prepare foods, such as raw foods like rice, beans, yam, corn, pepper, groundnuts, cooking oils, cooking ingredients, and lots more. 

It is one of the most reliable daily income businesses in Nigeria because no one can do without food and everybody eats at least a two-square meal every day. 

No matter where the location of your business is, the foodstuff business would be a very lucrative business that would keep generating daily income for you. 

9. Okirika (OK) Business

Okirika’s clothes and shoe business is also a fast-moving daily income business in Nigeria. This is because a minimal number of people patronize Okrika sellers due to their inability to afford expensive clothes and shoes.

A crowd of people patronizes Okrika clothes and shoe stores, where they are sold at a more affordable rate.

10. Bakery Business

Recent research shows that bread is among the ten most popular foods in the world and serves as a good gift in Nigeria. One common item bought and requested when people travel from one place to another is bread.

As the saying goes, the best business is to deal with products in high demand in the market, and bread happens to be one of such products.

A bakery business anywhere in Nigeria is one of the best daily incomes.

11. Phones and Electronics Accessories Shop

According to research, Nigeria has over 170 million phone users. As people buy new ones, they also purchase phone accessories like chargers, earphones, laptops, etc., for their existing phones. 

Most of these accessories are at the lowest rate of N500 and above. 

To start this business, you need a small shop, a generator, and phone accessories. 

You can purchase your phone and electronic accessories online at a cheaper rate to be delivered to your doorstep, and you can sell them at any price of your choice. 

This is also one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria if situated in the right location. 

12. Data Subscription Business 

To stay connected with friends and family on the internet, people need to subscribe to data on their smartphones. The data subscription business is on the rise and increasing daily, as over 70% of Nigerians are smartphone users who need data to stay connected. 

You can run this business anywhere, even in your room; all you need is publicity to make your data more affordable. You only need a smartphone and and internet connection to do this business after registering with cheap data dealers. 

13. Pure Water Business

People drink water daily. So, selling pure water is a very lucrative daily income business you can think of. 

Selling and supplying sachet water or bottled water wholesale or retail is a daily business that will keep moving no matter the economic situation. 

14. Phone Repairs business

With the population of Nigerians using phones, this is a perfect daily income business. 

Not many people are tech-savvy and unable to detect the problems of smartphones, except when they give them to experts in that field. 

This business requires some skills to repair all kinds of phones.  

If you do not have the technical skill to repair phones beforehand, you can quickly learn within 4 to 6 months, depending on your individual ability to learn.

With this kind of business, you may spend nothing to make money daily, and you can make at least N3,000 for yourself daily. 

15. Snacks-making Business

Snacks like puff puffs, doughnuts, chin chins, and small chops are consumed by people on a daily basis for one reason or another.

If you get an excellent location to situate your business, you can make cool cash with this snack-making business. 

All you need is necessarily not a shop, and you can start this business from your home and take it to the correct location or get yourself a stall in a busy environment to start your business. You do not need a huge amount to start this business, and you can begin with whatever you have at hand and enlarge it as time goes by. 

16. Provision Store

The provision business involves the selling of daily household goods such as beverages, detergents, soaps, biscuits, and other everyday consumables. This business is a tremendous daily income source that would never allow your pocket to go dry as the business provides most of the daily needs of humans.

17. Plantain Chips Business

Plantain chips are one of the most consumed daily snacks in Nigeria. Manufacturing and shipping to retailers and distributors will make you good money every day.

For this business, you will need a large pan, a small sealing machine, nylons, labels, and other expenses such as buying plantains and logistics. When you deliver to shops and dealers, you earn your regular daily income.

18. Cybercafé

This computer-oriented business is also lucrative, especially in a student or school area.  This business involves doing things like photocopying, typing, printing, binding, online registrations, and more.

For this business, you will get a computer system, printing machine, photocopy machine, and so on. 

19. Egg Production

Poultry farming in Nigeria has become one of the most profitable businesses. To set up an egg production business, you need poultry farms. You can also rear chick for sale. It would be best to have ample space and chicks, feeds, and other things to begin this business. 

20. Rental Service

Renting out some event materials like chairs, canopies, tables, bridal stuff, and so on is a daily income business you can invest in. You only need a one-time purchase of these materials, and you keep making money from them every time people rent them from you. 


21. Liquid Soap Production

Many households with kids prefer using liquid soap for washing because of one reason.

You can start making your daily income by producing and supplying liquid soap to households that may need it.

You can kick-start this business in your home and distribute it to sellers or consumers.

22. Charcoal Business

With the recent increase in the price of cooking gas, many Nigerians have switched to using coal pots. The coal pot, as it is popularly known, requires charcoal, and charcoal purchases are on the rise as many households that may not be able to afford the price of cooking gas are subject to using charcoal for cooking. Some Nigerians also prefer using Charcoal as their local means of cooking some particular foods, such as beans. 

23. Recharge Card Business

Truthfully, there are ways to recharge and buy airtime within seconds on your smartphone, but not everyone has access to this service. 

With the percentage of people using phones today, this daily income business idea is lucrative when you get it at a cheaper rate. 

Even though the profits of this business seem meager, people still make thousands from it.

24. Automobile Spare Parts Business

This is another best daily income businesses in Nigeria that is very lucrative and capable of changing your financial status because the number of people that use vehicles today may be out of count.

25. Phone Charging Business. 

As a result of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria, the phone charging business is among the top three sources of daily income in Nigeria. 

People who feel the need to stay connected with friends and loved ones are left with no choice but to patronize a Phone charging shop. 

If located in a suitable environment, this business is lucrative. Some campuses and student areas that do not have a constant power supply are always left with no choice but to charge their gadgets at a token. 

To set up this business, you need a small shop, a standby generator, and other materials like; chargers and sockets; Then, you can be sure your daily income will start flowing.

26. Sports Viewing Centers

Most Nigerian men are football lovers, and most of them prefer to watch the matches in the company of other men as it makes the game more attractive to them. 

Most football matches are held and viewed on weekends; you can make a lot of money by opening a sports-watching center where football fans can see their favorite teams play.

What you need to start this business is a space (that is at least big enough to accommodate 100 people or more), two to five large television sets, a generator, chairs, and a DSTV premium subscription. With a location that can accommodate more people, you can charge N100 to N200 per head.  Though this business can generate daily income.

Best online daily income business in Nigeria 

Online businesses are business opportunities that require internet access and connections.

This kind of business can be done anywhere and anytime. All that is needed for this business is a smartphone/laptop and an internet connection.  

Here is a list of some online businesses that bring daily income to Nigeria. 

27. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and lucrative online businesses in Nigeria today. 

This is a business idea whereby you help a company that sells products or services make sales, and you earn a commission for every sale you make for them.

This kind of business doesn’t require any capital to get started, and it guarantees you daily income if done correctly. 

To start this business, connect with an affiliate marketing company, register with them, and start helping them sell their stuff while you makmake aily income as your commission.

You can try out companies like; Amazon, Konga, Jumia, VConnect, Payporte, and so on to start making your daily income even while you sleep.

28. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business referred to as being a boss without owning a business. It is a kind of retail business where an online seller connects and sells products to customers online without having the products in his custody.

How is this done? If you have a passion for clothes selling, with no capital or space to keep them. All you have to do is meet the producer or wholesaler of the product and negotiate with him. You will then set up your online store to put the shoes on sale.

Whenever a customer places order, you make your order from the producers and let the product be shipped to your customer after getting your payment. 

This business doesn’t need capital to start. 

29. Online Teaching

With some platforms like Upwork, you can teach students some educational courses that you are good at, such as English language, Mathematics, Economics, and so on. You can also use your personal online platform like social media and run it. This business requires no capital to run. 

30. Online Coaching

If you have professional skills like Graphics designing, digital marketing, and more, you can dwell on coaching people online on how to do the same thing you are doing, charging them for the service. You also do not need a dime to set up this business. 

31. E-commerce Business

E-commerce is an online business that entails buying and selling products online. It may be your products or products that you will have to buy from the companies. You have to sell the products online at a cheaper rate than their regular prices.

You need to create your e-commerce website, drive traffic to it, and start selling your products for this kind of online business. 

32. Social Media Management

There are many companies that do not have enough time to manage their social media accounts and need a professional to do that. If you are good at managing social media accounts, you can take the deals from some of these companies and start making your daily income while managing their social media accounts.

33. Sell Social Media Pages

If you are good at creating social media accounts and growing a quality audience, then you can consider this as a daily income business. 

All you have to do is create social media pages in any niche, grow a quality audience, and discover how people would be interested in buying from you.

34. Cryptocurrency Business

If you have the idea of cryptocurrency, you already have a daily income. 

You can be making an incredible amount of daily income through trading Cryptocurrency or buying, storing, and selling them when the prices increase.

35. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing requires excellent and professional writing skills to be able to write for sites. It would be best to have a laptop/smartphone, stable electricity, and an internet connection. 

Some freelance writers get paid as high as $20 or more depending on what you are writing on and the site you write for. 

36. Graphics Design


If you are good at Graphics designing, you can start designing for individuals and companies and make great money. 

You can promote your Graphics skills and get interested clients on websites like Fiverr or even your Facebook page.

37. Write On People’s Blogs

If you have enough writing skills and experience, you can choose to write for bloggers. Many bloggers don’t usually have enough time to write on their blogs, so they typically depend on other writers and are always ready to hire interested writers for their blogs since blogs always need to be continually updated with posts. You can reach out to blogs looking for writers and start making your daily income while writing for them.

38. YouTube Channel

Many people are already earning a lot of passive daily income from this online business.

What do you do? Post videos on your YouTube channel that can get interest. It could be tutorial videos, coaching videos, talent show videos, comedy skits, and so on to gain an audience to watch your clips.

39. Publish on Amazon KDP

If you have any related skills or knowledge, you may start publishing your eBooks and selling them on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You keep making money from a single book after publishing every time anyone makes a purchase.  

40. App Development

App Development is an online business that involves developing mobile or desktop applications; if you have technical knowledge of programming or coding. 

With these skills, you can start making your daily income by building/developing Android or desktop applications for people building for yourself, and putting it out on the Play Store. 

41. Proofreading

Proofreading is an act of reviewing written work to correct spelling and grammatical errors. Websites like: Fiverr, UpWork, and so on give room for proofreaders to do their things and make their money. 

42. Online Ads Agent

With good and persuasive marketing skills, you may decide to make deals with some business owners, both online and offline businesses, and start advertising their business online for them; and make your daily income.

43. SEO Service

If you have enough SEO knowledge, you can turn this into your daily income stream. 

A countless number of active blogs and businesses today on the internet need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seriously to stand out. You can turn this into a lucrative daily business if you have the right knowledge and skills. 

44. Buying and Selling Of Domains (Domain Flipping)

If you have enough creativity, you can start building and registering outstanding domain names and put them on sale at a higher price.

45. Website Design

Website design remains one of the most lucrative online businesses that can guarantee daily income even while you sleep.

All you need to do is acquire the technical skills required for this job, and you will not need to spend money again. At the same time, you continue to make your daily income by designing websites for Individuals, Companies, and Organizations.

46. Making and Selling Of Digital Goods

Digital products include things like eBooks, templates, wallpapers, music, videos, and so on. You can decide to start creating any of these products and make your cool money while you sell them online.

Other online businesses that bring daily income in Nigeria include:

47. Become an online influencer

There are numerous ways to make money online, but becoming an online influencer is one of the most popular and lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

You can earn money as an online influencer in a variety of ways, including sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and even selling your own products or services.

To become an online influencer, you must first amass a sizable following on social media, YouTube channels, or through your blog. When you have a large enough audience, you can begin working on getting offers.

48. Copywriting

Copywriting remains the best and most well-recognized online business that is lucrative and brings passive daily income. It involves professional writing skills to promote products or services with persuasive or convincing nature to let customers patronize a product or service.

49. Write on Scooper

You can earn money by writing on Scooper in a variety of ways. They include;

  • You can either become a content creator and be compensated for the articles you write
  • You can become an affiliate and earn a commission on the sales of products referred to Scooper.
  • You can also earn money by participating in Scooper’s advertising program.

50. Write on Opera news

Opera News is a well-known blogging platform that enables writers to share their stories and articles with a large audience. Besides this, through Opera News’ partner, writers can earn money from their articles.

If you enjoy writing and sharing your experiences with others, you could earn money by writing for Opera News. This daily income business Idea needs little or no capital to start.

Other Business Ideas in Nigeria

Wrap Up

For beginners looking to venture into the field of business with less cash/capital at hand yet, you may want to consider starting up a business idea that brings daily income in Nigeria since you don’t have much money and your business is still new; you may need to have that daily income flow to keep you abreast in your business and other personal needs. 

This is why this article was researched by our editorial team to give you ideas of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria that are reliable and trusted businesses that would bring you daily income.

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