50 Untapped Businesses in Nigeria (2024 Evergreen Ideas)


Starting a business in Nigeria is exciting and profitable, but what kind of business should I invest in that would move rapidly and bring about more sales and less competition? That’s where untapped businesses in Nigeria came up on the list. 

You don’t have to do the kind of business everyone wants to do or is doing; start something unique and profitable. 

There are several hidden business opportunities in Nigeria that so many people are not interested in getting into. Yet, this business is so profitable that not everyone wants to invest in it. 

Now imagine starting a business that gives you 90% profit, a chance of excelling and getting to the top because of its low competition. How does that sound? 

If you have found yourself on this page, it means you are looking for hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. You are at the right place, as this article will reveal to you 50 untapped businesses in Nigeria you could start in 2023 that you would not regret starting. 

What are Untapped Businesses in Nigeria? 

Untapped businesses in Nigeria are those business opportunities that many people have not gone into but are profitable and have low competition. 

businesses you can start

There are businesses that people are looking down on, thinking that they are not lucrative. 

This kind of business allows new business owners to make it big because of the low competition.

One sole aim of starting a business is profitability through regular sales. Even though some people still venture into businesses that every other person is doing and still make money; it is advisable to start a unique business that you will have to put less effort into to withstand the hot tempo of other competitors that have been in the game for a long time.

List of Untapped Business Opportunities in Nigeria

In this section, let’s talk about the list of untapped businesses in Nigeria and how you may start them with tips that can be applied to most of the businesses listed here today. 

1. Laundry and Cleaning Services

Laundry and cleaning services are seen as one of the most degrading business ideas in Nigeria, yet they are profitable with low competition. 

It requires no skill or expertise to start, all you need is to get clients that need your service, and you are good to go. 

This business idea is trending mainly in Lagos and Abuja today. 

2. Rice Farming

It’s incredible how people haven’t thought about getting into this lucrative business when it’s evident that Nigeria imports the rice we eat from another country. 

Only two states in Nigeria are top rice producers, Ebonyi State and Kebbi, yet we still import rice.

You can decide to buy processed rice from rice mills in either Ebonyi or Kebbi state, package it with your innovative packaging, and sell it to people. 

3. Fish Farming

Fish farming is an unusual business that can bring about unlimited cash flow. 

Eating fish is healthy, and for this reason, many people prefer preparing meals with fresh fish to using red meat and other meats sold in the market.

Fish farming can be started with a bit of money if you have a small space where your pond will be fixed and a steady supply of water to enable you to change the water when it gets dirty at least once a week.

To start, buy a day-old fish as low as 10 nairas per one or 20 nairas per 3-day-old fish, and budget a minimum amount of 70,000 nairas for the feeding and the medication of the fish till they are big enough for consumption.

4. Fishing Hatching Business

If you think the risk of being a fish farmer is high, you can start hatching fish eggs. 

Hatching the egg of your fish, incubating it, and letting it hatch into a day-old fish that they now sell to people as rare fish.

If you are careless about rearing fish, this could be a way out of it. 

5. Mobile Car Wash

Car washing is a very lucrative business; adding mobility is not just profitable but also innovative and untapped. 

Many people are not aware of this new business of car washing, which involves taking your business anywhere you want it and washing your customers’ cars.

All you need is a car wash vehicle with all the necessary equipment to wash a car and wash your customers’ cars when and where they want them. 

6. Snail Farming

People are ignorant about snail farming because of its diminutive nature and think it cannot earn good money. Still, they do not know that snails do not cost much to the rear, and if you start with 50 snails you can get a lot of money when they mature by selling to hotels or eateries that have snails included on their menu.

7. Rabbit Farming

Starting livestock rearing like a rabbit is one of the untapped businesses in Nigeria you could venture into if you are capable of raising live stock.

Rabbit rearing is not complicated. All you should know is how to feed them and administer suitable medication to them if you want to succeed in that part of the business. 

8. Phone Repair Services

According to research, 170 million people use phones in Nigeria. Imagine how many people use phones in your area. 

Repairing faulty people’s phones in your area is one of the untapped businesses in Nigeria. Phones get damaged every day. You can start fixing people’s phones to make money. If you don’t have the skill, it takes less than six months to learn the skill needed to repair phones. 

9. Waste Recycling

Used items like soft drink bottles, containers, and some other reusable things can be collected in large quantities and then resold to companies that pay for them to be recycled and used again, maybe for another product.

Waste recycling is an advanced business in countries like China, Canada, etc., but it is one of the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. You can also decide to start up your own company where you make all kinds of things with the waste you have collected.

10. Laptop and Desktop Repair

If you have the required skills, you can become a technician who repairs laptops and desktop computers. 

All you need to do is buy the necessary tools for this business, which are not costly. 

11. Cybercafé and Business Center 

If you essentially need to operate some basic computer programs and can type fast with MS Office, you can start a business center where people can do some typing, printing, and photocopying, and a cyber cafe where people can browse the internet and other smaller computer jobs.

12. Day Care Business

Many Nigerian parents are busy with 8-hour jobs daily, and they need to keep their kids for those periods. They need someone to look after their children while they are away. If you are staying a home person, this is an open opportunity for you to step in, be their children’s caretaker then get paid for that.

13. A Real Estate Agent

People are always looking for properties to buy or rent, and for many of them, this is where you come in as an estate agent.

All you need to do is spare your time to help interested people look for the properties that they are interested in, and you get paid for them. No matter how many people you think are doing it, that percentage is few compare to the number of people that need this service. 

14. Real Estate Development 

Real estate development is one of the Untapped Businesses in Nigeria today. If you have enough finance, this is such a profitable business you should invest in. 

Housing is one of the essential needs of humans. 

No matter how you think housing is in surplus, many people still lack shelter and keep on renting space for living.

Build estate blocks and sell them in installments to people who want to live in them. They pay some money to move in, and they get the sole right to the apartment when they make the complete payment to the property. 

This business can make you a considerable amount of money, mainly if it’s located close to universities or colleges.

15. Wallpaper Production

Wallpaper is used a lot because people like to make their homes look nice, especially the living room. 

Wall paper production would fetch you a lot of money as it is profitable yet remains undiscovered by many people who go into the manufacturing business in Nigeria. 

16. Food Home delivery

Many are busy cooking their food and also too busy to go out to fetch them, yet they want to eat good food and have a balanced diet. 

If you know how to prepare delicious meals, package them, and sell and deliver them to people’s homes or workplaces to earn money. 

17. Goat Livestock Farming Business

Aside from the traditional goat-rearing method as a pet, not many people have seen this hidden business opportunity in Nigeria, hiding in goat rearing 

You can start rearing goats in your space and making your money at ease. Goats are not very easy to breed. You only need space, the best leaf to feed on, and get suitable medication for them. 

Once they are of age and have started reproducing, you sell them to buyers. 

16. Lemonade Production Business

Lots of Nigerians are adopting foreign drinks that lemonade is part of. If you can manufacture a lemonade drink, you are going into total production of lemonade drinks and start selling them to people. Lemonade is very lovely to drink and very easy to process.

17. Material Fabrication

Nigerians depend solely on imported clothes from China to live, forgetting to look for a way to fabricate those clothing and make money selling them.

Many Nigerians dismiss the idea of material fabrication and focus on buying and selling goods like foodstuffs, beverages, phones, stockfish, and white-collar jobs, forgetting one of the most important aspects of life, which is clothing.

If you can start your own material fabrication business, you have successfully committed yourself to one of the untapped businesses in Nigeria and should be proud of yourself.

18. Home Cleaning Services

Cleaning Business is good if you are good at cleaning things. You can make it a source of income by cleaning stuff for people.

All you need is to get suitable materials and start doing your cleanings for them. 

19. Computer Training Center

If you are good at Corel draw, Microsoft office, and other small computer programs,  you can start taking those courses, as many parents want their kids to be good at computers since school can’t teach them to be good at that. So they resort to sending them to the training center where they can learn and be perfect at it.

The computing training center is a very profitable business to go into. 

20. Guest Room Business

People travel mostly from their residential abodes to towns or other places every day. 

Some people do this because of business or traveling down to see someone and maybe get stuck on the road. You can start your own guest room business by getting well-furnished accommodation, taking up these people, and making money.


It will cost you no extra charges if you can do it in your accommodation(if you live in a large house). 

21. Bee Farming

This is one of the best-untapped businesses in Nigeria. With bee farming, you have the opportunity to start producing fresh and unadulterated honey that you can sell for as high as 2000 Naira per half a liter.

22. Skill Acquisition Centre

No matter how people complain about the nation’s economy, many individuals look for an alternative, which is skill acquisition. 

If you own a skill acquisition center or even an online learning website, you can make any money. It is one of the hottest businesses in Nigeria, and the demand is increasing.

23. CCTV Installation Business

Technology has made it very easy for people to secure their homes and offices. 

With a CCTV Installation business, people who will stop at nothing to protect their business and homes will patronize you very well.

24. Solar Installation Business

Solar Power In Nigeria has served as an alternative means to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. 

The solar installation business is still part of the untapped businesses in Nigeria you would like to tap into. You can tap into this opportunity and start making your money.

25. Tokunbo Car Selling Business

Buying and selling Tokunbo cars from the USA, UK, and China will benefit you because not everyone has the money to purchase brand-new cars.

So tokunbo cars come in helpful to help them in their pursuit of vehicles. 

26. Crop Farming Business

Crop farming is part of those untapped businesses in Nigeria as everyone is focused on getting whitecollar and trading businesses letting go of the fact that they can still make money from farming 

If you have the ability and capacity, you can tap into this opportunity and start making things yourself.

27. Fitness Center

If you are familiar with the basic styles of working out in the gym, you can start your own gym business in your local area. If you have no idea how it’s done, you can employ someone to help run your gym and then pay the person some percentage you earn every month.

28. Used Car Parts Business

Not everyone can buy new car parts when their car is faulty; they source used and fairly used ones. 

You can start selling used car parts today to make a considerable amount of money.  

29. Used Car Selling Business

Many car owners that are in some problem or other who wish to sell their cars to use the money for other issues need someone to connect them with buyers. You can use this as a point of business to make money.

You can buy those cars from those people, work on them (amend if necessary), and sell them to other people who need them for personal or commercial use.

30. Hire purchase business

Hiring things like Keke, cars, and buses is a good business idea. 

You purchase a Keke, car, or bus, hire someone who does not have the money to buy for himself, and needs it to fit a commercial purpose,  then let them work and pay you some commission.

31. Supplying of Gas Cylinder

Gas cylinders are in high demand since most people use gas cylinders for cooking their food. 

Supplying a gas cylinder to those who resell them will put lots of cash into your pocket. You can order from China and sell them locally to resellers in your area or a market center.

32. Iced Block production

Many people depend on iced blocks to sell their goods such as; soft drinks, pure water, zobo, kunnu, and other beverages. 

If you have a regular power supply or a traditional means of electricity, you can start with the production of iced blocks and sell them to those who need them for their businesses. 

Even though people are into it already, the business is evergreen as long as there is an epileptic power supply and people need cold drinks for refreshment. 

33. Interior decoration

Many people give their newly acquired houses and properties to an interior decorator to design. 

Interior decoration is more than making bedspreads and curtains. It entails making the whole house look stunning and attractive. If you have enough skill, you can go into interior decoration. 

34. Palm Oil Production

80% of households in Nigeria use palm oil to prepare most of their food. Palm oil production is still one of the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria, as not many people have discovered the gain behind producing palm oil. 

We still export Palm Oil and other agricultural products in this country, and many of the Oil production companies in Nigeria are located in rural areas, this has made many people living in the Urban area import Oil from the rural area at a low price and sell at a high price in the cities.

35. Online Advertisement Agency

80% of Nigerians use social media every day.

You can take up the challenge of starting an online advertising agency to help people gain many customers for their business. 

36. Dropshipping Business

Most Nigerians do not believe that they can own a business without having a dime to their name. 

Dropshipping is not a very hard business as it requires little or no capital; so far, you can get a manufacturer or wholesaler who is willing to sell the goods to you at a cheaper rate, and you resell at any amount you deem fit. 

37. Internet Networking Business

Many cyber cafe owners need maintenance on their internet network, and many companies need to be done networking. You can do this job for people who need these services and make money, and you can take some time to learn how to network. Learning the skills should take you more than six months to master.

38. Agro products exportation

Some states in Nigeria do not have lots of farming supplies with good agro products like livestock and farm crops. 

You can start making your money out of it by supplying onion, Crayfish, Icefish, Waterleaf, pumpkin leaf, Live chicken, Goats, and Rabbits. 

39. Food Invention

Someone invented pounded Yam powder, Cocoyam Powder, chicken and chips, plantain chips, etc. If you are into cooking, catering, and baking, you can invent food with good nutrients and a balanced diet. 

40. Blogging

Blogging is one online business that can fetch you a lot of money if done well.

You can start blogging with your smartphone if you can’t afford to buy a laptop, then upgrade when the money starts coming, but if you already have a laptop, nothing is stopping you from starting. 

41. Vlogging

Vlogging is just like blogging, but it entails simply making video content that you post on platforms like youtube, Facebook, and TikTok. 

You get paid when people stream your videos if your account is monetized.

42. Facebook Content Creator

Creating video content on Facebook is also one of the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria, as many Nigerians have yet to tap into this system. People make videos and are being monetized; join them by creating yours.

43. Tiktok Video Creators

People post videos on TikTok not just for fun, but the truth is that they are being paid for some of their videos. If you are not a shy type, you can join them in making videos on TikTok.

44. App Development Business

This business requires programming skills to start. If you don’t have the skill, you can learn those skills on platforms like youtube and udemy.

You can learn app development using Android Studio or Flutter, and you do not need a certificate to bag a job in that category. All you need is good skills.

45. Web Development Business

Bloggers and big business owners need websites to showcase their businesses. 

To be a web designer or developer, you can learn PHP, Javascript, and CSS. 

If you do not have the required skills, watch videos on YouTube that teach you all you need to get started. 

46. Ghostwriting Business

Many wish to write books, and companies that need to put quality and acceptable content on their websites are not privileged. You can fill this gap by writing content for companies remotely; these writers go to platforms like Facebook, Upwork, and Fiverr. 

47. Social Media Management Business

Social media management entails managing the social media accounts of big and small companies or celebrities. 

This job requires you to write good content and edit photos. 

48. Cyber Security Agency

If you have some computer programming language skills, you may start your own cybersecurity company, where you provide security to people’s websites and online stores.

49. Professional SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency requires more than just skills to achieve good results for your clients. If you have the skills needed to run a good SEO agency with great tools that will provide for your customers’ desires, you will make a massive amount of money from it. 

50. Garri Production

No one seems interested in this business as it seems local, but they forgot that a business like this that does not need any advertisement before selling brings more profits. 

You don’t have to be the one to produce the Garri. That’s why we have the division of labor and specialization. 

As People eat Eba every day at homes, eateries, and restaurants, there is a high probability that you will make more profit from selling it. 

To make it look more tush, you can choose to be innovative with your production. 

Compare Other Business Ideas in Nigeria


Untapped businesses in Nigeria are referred to as hidden business opportunities in Nigeria which people haven’t discovered to earn them good income. 

If you want to start a business soon, you can get into any business listed above. 


What are business opportunities in Nigeria?

There are several business opportunities you can start in Nigeria. Starting a Business in Nigeria is easier these days as there are businesses you can start with as low as ₦1000 and more.

What businesses are in high demand in Nigeria?

Businesses like oil and gas, Agriculture business, Food business, blogging business, real estate business, furniture business, hotel business, and transportation businesses are lucrative and are in high demand.


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