10 Businesses that can give ₦3000 daily in Nigeria


Are you one of many Nigerians who are tired of waking up early to rush to work and closing at odd hours? Are you looking for a business that can give ₦‎3000 daily? If yes, we have solutions for you in this article. 

If you want to be your own boss and are tired of being bossed around, there are many daily income-generating businesses that can give you ₦‎3000 per day.

With the rate of unemployment and underemployment in Nigeria, having a side hustle is essential. This article will show you a business that gives ₦‎3000 daily even if you have never had a business idea before or you really don’t have an interest in entrepreneurship.

Your problems are over because we have compiled 10 businesses that can give 3000 naira daily income in Nigeria.

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How to make 3000 naira daily in Nigeria

1. Food  restaurant 

Food restaurant business is one of the best daily income-generating businesses in Nigeria that can change your financial status within a short period of time.

The restaurant business has to do with cooking all sorts of meals for people who can eat outside their homes. If you can cook or do not mind learning how to cook different types of meals, this is the most suitable business for you.

What you need to do is find a busy and suitable environment as your target. You don’t need a shop to do this kind of business but getting one is not a bad idea, this will boost your business. If you are looking for any business that can give ₦‎3000 daily consider the restaurant business as the best business you can do.

2. Cleaning service

Cleaning service is one of the businesses where you can make ₦‎3000 daily in Nigeria by cleaning someone’s home.

Many people are too busy, lazy, or tired of doing their house cleaning and need someone they will pay to do the service on their behalf. Majority of people go out early and come back at odd hours. You can make more than 3000 naira in a day. Advertise for those who might need your service and also post it online.

3. Snacks making business

Snacks-making business is a business that can give ₦‎3000 daily in Nigeria.

If you have knowledge on how to make different types of snacks or have learned how to make different types of snacks on YouTube.

Snacks like chinchin, egg rolls, meat pie, chicken pie, sausage, doughnuts, etc.

You can supply to schools, supermarkets, offices, etc.

4. Soap making business

Soap making business is a business that can give ₦‎3000 daily or more depending on your dedication. Everyone can’t buy a car but everyone needs soap.

No household can do without soap. With 5k you can start making liquid soap, and then when your business expands, you can start producing all types of soap, such as detergent, liquid soap, laundry soap, medicated soap, etc.

Learn how to make different types of soap on YouTube.

5. Popcorn making business

Popcorn making business is one of the businesses that can earn ₦‎3000 daily in Nigeria or more with good marketing strategies.

man eating popcorn

Popcorn is mostly eaten in Nigeria and can be easily accessed. Few people know how profitable the popcorn-making business is and they are happy to keep the secret.

I am sure if you can apply this strategy, you will make more sales than anyone else in the business.

You can sell popcorn in cinemas, eateries, road traffic, schools, and many other places 

6. Phone charging business

Phone charging is another lucrative business that gives ₦‎3000 daily in Nigeria. Due to the poor supply of electricity in some regions of Nigeria, some places are even connected to electricity.

People can’t do without their phones and other gadgets being charged.

This business can earn 3000 daily in Nigeria if situated in an environment that does not have a steady electricity supply.

7. Laundry service

Laundry service is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria. People often leave home very early in the morning and return at an odd hour.

And also occupied on Saturday and Sunday, they need someone to help them wash their clothes and pay him/her for the service. Laundry service is a business that can give ₦‎3000 daily in Nigeria.

8. Charcoal business

Most households prefer using Charcoal because it is very cheap compared to gas. You may be surprised at how much you would be making if you started selling or supplying charcoal in your area.

Just imagine buying one sack of charcoal at the rate of ₦‎1500 and selling at ₦‎3000. You can sell one bag of charcoal in a day, you can make ₦‎3000 daily or more.

9. Plantain and Àkàrà chips business

If you are looking for a business that can give ₦‎3000 daily, consider the plantain and Àkàrà chips business as the best option for you.

Plantain and àkàrà chips are widely consumed by people of all ages: children, adults, men, women, rich, poor, the high, and the lowly.

10. Private tutor

Tutorial center business is a profitable one that can give you 3000 naira daily and more than 3000 naira depending on your location, experience, qualifications, and dedication.

Many students are facing learning difficulties and need private tutors. What you need to do is visit houses that need a home tutor. Imagine teaching 20 students at a rate of ₦‎150 per day. That is ₦‎3000 daily.

What business can I start with ₦‎3000 in Nigeria?

Pure water/bottled water business

If you are living in a very populated and busy area, consider a pure water business as the best option for you, You can start a pure water business with 3000 naira.

Compare Other Business Ideas in Nigeria


With these daily income generating businesses you can change your financial lifestyle within a short period of time. This article will help you ponder deeply over which business will be good for you in your location.

Good luck!


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