10 Best ₦1000 Business Ideas in Nigeria (Top Picks)


Gone are those days when people waited idly for capital to start a business. Those days when people waited until they had hundreds of millions of Naira before they went into business no longer exist. 40% of businesses nowadays no longer need significant capital to begin, except if you have other genuine reasons not to start yet. 

These days, you can start a business with or without an acquired skill. You can create your business by watching a few videos online; you can start your business with ₦0 to some thousand. There are a series of online and offline businesses you can start with as little as 1k. 

If you have been thinking of what to do with no capital at hand, here you have it, a list of ₦1000 business ideas in Nigeria you can start right away. 

This article will explain 10 lists of offline and online businesses you can start with ₦1000 in this present Nigerian economy and how to start without stress and make a profit until you have substantial capital to expand the business or start another. 

List Of ₦1000 Business Ideas In Nigeria

₦1000 business ideas are not limited to online businesses alone; there are also offline businesses you can start with ₦1000. For this reason, we will talk about these business ideas in two categories:

Offline ₦1000 business ideas in Nigeria

Online ₦1000 business ideas in Nigeria

₦1000 Business Ideas in Nigeria (Offline)

Some of the businesses you see and admire today did not start with that greatness; they began somewhere. That’s why we take it as a point of duty to show you how to start an offline business with as little as ₦1000. 

Here are some of the businesses you can start with ₦1000 in Nigeria. 

1. VTU Business

recharge card sales

Data and airtime selling are one of the businesses you can start with as little as a 1k.

170 million people use smartphones in Nigeria. Many people in Nigeria are interested in recharging their phones and subscribing to data to stay connected with friends.

The good thing about this business is that you do not need to have the skill to start this business; all you need is your smartphone and the same data subscription you are using to connect with your friends.

How to start

Firstly, look for a data vendor website that sells wholesale and register with them. There are free websites online you can register with for free and start making your own. All you need to do is fund your wallet with that ₦1000 you have, tell friends and family about your new business, and start selling. With your ₦1000, you can make another 1k profit from that business daily. 

2. Liquid Soap Production

Liquid soap manufacturing

Many households, especially where kids are, are subjected to using liquid soaps in place of detergents and bar soaps. This is why children tend to use the soaps the way they see them, and liquid soap came to the rescue as it is affordable and could last a longer time than other soaps. 

Liquid soap production doesn’t cost a fortune; with your ₦1000, you can make liquid soap that costs ₦2000 to ₦3000. 

How to start 

With ₦1000, you can get liquid soap ingredients such as potassium hydroxide, clear liquid oils, castor oil, palm oil and cosmetic powers, fragrance oils, and essential oils, all in small quantities. Mix with the right quantity of water and package it in bottles for sale. 

If you do not have enough knowledge about how to prepare and mix liquid soaps, you can watch free videos on YouTube. 

3. Snacks Making

Many people working 8-hour shifts daily hardly have time to prepare their food. To stay active, they resort to buying snacks. Snacks making is another ₦1000 business idea in Nigeria; you can start and still make your profits. If you have enough knowledge about snack making, you are one step away from making money for yourself. If you do not, there are several free YouTube videos you can watch to begin. 

How to Start

Decide what snacks people are buying in your area. You can also choose to be different by making different types of snacks people will like and buy. The next thing is to buy your ingredients like; flour, sugar, baking soda, and others in small quantities. Do your stuff without stress. 

With your ₦1000, your snacks making business would multiply if you are consistent with it.

4. Pure Water Business

I once learned that people don’t die due to lack of food, but can die due to lack of water. Imagine how many people drink water daily as there is no stable water supply system in Nigeria. Many resorts to drinking sachet water, called “pure water”

One thing about this business is that, aside from the fact that you can start with a small amount, no matter how many people are already into it, there is always room for you to start your business and still make your own money. You don’t need to hawk it while walking under the sun; people will always patronize you as long as they know you are into selling sachet water. 

How to start

Get bags of water from distributors. With your ₦1000, you can get at least 3 to 4 bags at ₦800 for a start. If you already have a refrigerator, put it in your fridge and let it cool. If you do not have a fridge, you can still sell your water by getting iced blocks to ice your water. Iced block of ₦200 should ice your three bags of water. Then tell your neighbors and friends about your business. With your 1k, you are likely to make ₦500 as a profit in a day, depending on the cost of pure water in your area. That is around 100% ROI.

5. Popcorn making

man eating popcorn

Popcorn making is another of the ₦1000 business ideas in Nigeria you can start. 

Have you ever wondered why someone chooses to package popcorn for people to buy? The popcorn business doesn’t require a lot of capital and is profitable. With your 1k, you can start this business and watch it transform into a big business. 

How to start

Get popcorn ingredients which are; popcorn maize and sugar in the amount you have.  You can also get nylon to package it. If you do not have a popcorn pot or machine, you can use your cooking pot to make your popcorn, and it will come out well. All you have to do is package it and start selling to people. 

If you do not have enough knowledge about how to make popcorn, watch free youtube videos on how to do this. 

₦1000 Business Ideas in Nigeria. (Online)

If you are a shy type or an introvert, you do not necessarily have to get in people’s faces before you can start making money with your ₦1000. 


Here is a list of online business ideas you can start with ₦1000.

6. Affiliate Marketing

One of the cheapest ways to make money online remains Affiliate marketing. 

It simply involves selling other people’s products and getting a commission for every product sold.

If you sign up as an affiliate on sites like Konga, Jumia, and other E-commerce stores, you get paid every time anyone buys their product with your affiliate link. You necessarily do not have to own a dime to do this kind of business. 

How to start

Look for trusted affiliate sites and register with them. Generate your personal affiliate link and start selling. Most of the time, your ₦1000 will be for a data subscription to market your affiliate products.

This is how it works: if a product is sold for ₦100,000, your affiliate commission might be 10% of the price. You will receive #₦10,000 when anyone buys that product with your special affiliated link. 

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping products

With or without money, you can start a dropshipping business right away. Dropshipping is like owning a business when you do not even own one. 

This is how dropshipping works: unlike affiliate marketing, where you get paid commissions for selling products, you can decide how much you want to sell the product here. 

If a product costs 5k, you can choose to sell it for ₦10,000, send ₦5,000 to the business owner, and take your 5k profit. Isn’t it interesting? 

How to start

You can start dropshipping both online and offline, but if you are the shy type, you have no reason not to start right there in your room. 

Contact the producer, wholesalers, or distributor of products you are interested in, and let them know about your intention to resell their goods so that you will get them at cheaper rates. Take pictures of the products, then advertise them on your social media handles. When anyone shows interest in buying the products, get your pay, contact the seller, make the payment of the initial price and ask it to be delivered to your customers’ doorstep. 

If you are consistent with this, you can raise money to start your own business in no time. 

8. Content writing 

One of the best business to start with 1k in Nigeria is content writing. It might be copywriting, blog post writing, product description, technical writing, blockchain writing, academic writing among others.

As long as you can pen words down in your creativity, consider content writing as a business you should do. If you have enough skills to be called a content writer, you do not necessarily need a dime to start making money with this skill. You may need your ₦1000 to buy a data subscription to do research. 

How to start

Look out for companies, bloggers, and website owners who are too busy to write their content and need the service of a content writer to write for them and start making money. Use your ₦1000 to subscribe data to make researchers and stay connected to your clients. 

Training and Coaching

If you know about a particular skill, you don’t have to sleep on it. one of the best business ideas in Nigeria with little or no capital is training others what you know to earn. There are people out there looking for people who train them on that knowledge you have and are willing to pay. 

Let’s say you have fashion designing knowledge, and you need to raise money to start your fashion school; here is an avenue to make yourself money and enlarge your coast.

How to start

Put yourself and your knowledge out there through your social media newsfeed pages. Social media pages are free to create. Market yourself and your knowledge confidently. In no time, people will start asking out for your knowledge, even begging you with their money if you are consistent about it. The good thing about it is that you decide how much you want to charge for your knowledge. 

Use your 1k to get enough data to stay connected with your potential trainees. 

10. Graphics Designing

All businesses, both online and offline, need the service of a graphic designer to make them more visible. Religious centers are also not left out. Posters, flyers, business cards, customized jotters, and shirts are needed by graphic designers. If you have enough graphic design skills, you are good to go; if not, you can learn professional graphics skills online through YouTube videos and Udemy courses. You can subscribe enough data with your ₦1000 to watch enough videos on how to design professionally. 

How to start

Showcase your skill to the world through your social media handles by posting samples of your designs on your walls for people to see. In no time, you will get clients to patronize your business if you are consistent with it. 

You can also choose to train other people interested in graphic design and get paid. 

Other Business Ideas


With the situation in Nigeria, you don’t have to wait to have millions of naira to your name before you start a business. There are numerous small business ideas you can start with just 1k. 

₦1000 business ideas in Nigeria are not limited to only offline businesses; you can start online businesses with little or no capital. 

Here you have it, a list of 10 best ₦1000 business ideas in Nigeria that you can start right away and how to start them. 

Good luck with your business adventure!

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