Yam Pounder Price in Nigeria (April 2024)


Do you wish to enjoy pounded yam with your favorite soup, but the stress involved is discouraging?

Are you a lover of pounded yam, but going through the hectic process of pounding has taken you aback? You will be amazed at how stress-free and fast it is to get done making the perfect pounded yam without stress!!

Kenwood Food Processor
Kenwood Food Processor

Stressful yam pounding is a thing of the past thanks to yam pounders, a multinational food processor.

In this article, we bring you various brand products and sizes of quality yam pounders to fit any consumer’s budget.

These multifunctional food processors don’t only pound but can also mince meat, thread vegetables, grate peppers, and do other wonders needed in our kitchens.

How Food Processors Work 

Unlike blenders, food processors have wide bowls and different kinds of blades set at different levels to do different things. They do not thrust materials to the center as a blender does.

King Style Yam Pounder
King Style Yam Pounder

Importance of Having a Food Processor 

  • It is a fast and efficient means of getting work such as grinding, blending, pounding, shredding, grating, dicing, slicing, and many others.
  • It has a sufficiently large capacity to serve households and even in events 
  • Comes with a convenient quality stainless material that is easily cleaned 
  • Multi-purpose functions 
  • Durable 
  • Versatile yet affordable 
  • The best option for healthy meal prep.
Yam Pounder Price in Nigeria
Panasonic Yam Pounder

Different Yam Pounder and Food Processor Brands, Sizes, and Prices 

Brand name Size/Capacity Price
King Style Yam Pounder6Litres ₦22,000 – ₦26,000
King Style Yam Pounder12Litres ₦38,000 – ₦42,000
Kenwood Food Processor 6Litres ₦28,000 – ₦32,000
Kenwood Food Processor 5Litres ₦18,000 – ₦22,000
Kenwood Food Processor 4.5Litres ₦14,000 – ₦17,000
Silver Crest Yam Pounder 8Litres ₦27,000 – ₦30,000
Silver Crest Yam Pounder3Litres ₦12,000 – ₦15,000
Mr Steel Yam Pounder3Litres₦12,000 – ₦15,000
Mr Steel Yam Pounder4Litres₦14,000 – ₦18,000
Ambiano Food Processor 1.5Litres processor cup₦85,000 – ₦90,000
Poloma Food Processor 1.5Litres processor cup₦55,000 – ₦70,000
Pinnacle Food Processor 7Litres₦20,000 – ₦24,000
Panasonic Yam Pounder8Litres₦28,000 – ₦30,000
Century Yam Pounder1.5Litres processor cup₦35,000 – ₦40,000
Mr Steel Yam Pounder
Mr Steel Yam Pounder

The brands and prices listed above are some of the best yam pounders to choose from when looking for the best. While prices are not fixed, they are reasonably affordable according to buyers’ capacities as they come in different sizes.

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Wrap Up

The advent of the food processor is one of the blessings for lovers of fast yet healthy and presentable foods.

With different brands and capacities, one can easily go for quality within one’s budget.

So the next time you wish to prepare a pounded yam or perform other various functions that fall within what these yam pounders can do, reach out for yours.

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