Kenwood Blender Prices in Nigeria (July 2024)


Kenwood is a leading brand for blenders, juice extractors, and other kitchen appliances. Their products are known for quality, durability, and performance.

This post provides a complete overview of Kenwood juice extractor and Kenwood blender prices in Nigeria along with tips for finding the best deals.

kenwood blender price in nigeria

Overview of Kenwood Blenders in Nigeria

Kenwood has a wide range of blenders in Nigeria that serve different requirements and budgets.

Kenwood Blender Prices in Nigeria

Price is a major factor for buyers when purchasing a blender because of the present economic hardship.

ModelPowerCapacityPrice (₦)
Kenwood 1500W METAL BLENDER, 3LITRE – BLM91.640SS1500W3L195,000+
Kenwood German Industrial 6000W Food Crusher Blender6000W2L25,000+
Kenwood Heavy Duty Commercial Grinder Blender 3L Large Cap (Original)1500W3L225,000+

Small Blenders

Basic personal blenders for blending shakes and smoothies start at ₦9,900 – ₦15,000.

Mid-range Blenders

Medium power blenders suitable for daily use are available from ₦15,000 – ₦60,000.

Heavy Duty Blenders

Advanced blenders with higher wattage and more features fall in the ₦50,000 – ₦250,000 price range.

Commercial Blenders

Heavy-duty, commercial-grade blenders used in food businesses cost above ₦90,000.


As evident, Kenwood caters to all budget sizes with a wide spectrum of pricing options.

Where to Buy Kenwood Blenders in Nigeria

Kenwood blenders are available both online and in physical stores across Nigeria.

Online Stores

  • Jumia Nigeria – Large collection of Kenwood blenders. Offers discounts and doorstep delivery.
  • Konga – Wide range of models. Competitive pricing and reliable shipping.
  • Supermart – Stocks most Kenwood blender models. Safe online payments.

Physical Stores

  • Slot – Large electronics retailer selling Kenwood kitchen appliances across Nigeria.
  • Market shops – Various blender models are available for bargaining. Secure product warranty and after-services.
  • Brand stores – Visit authorized Kenwood brand stores for the latest models.

We recommend comparing prices across multiple online and physical stores before purchasing.

Tips for Getting the Best Deals

Kenwood Blender

Follow these tips to get the best price on your Kenwood blender:

  • Compare prices across online sites like Jumia and Konga using price aggregation tools.
  • Look for discounts, coupon codes, and vouchers on e-commerce sites.
  • Consider buying during seasonal sales events like Black Friday for big discounts.
  • Sign up for bundle offers that include multiple attachments or accessories for better value.
  • Buying older models can offer major savings. However, double-check for warranty coverage.
  • Negotiate for free shipping or extras like blender bottles when making purchases.

Check Other Kitchen Wares

Wrap Up

Kenwood blenders cater to big and small budgets. can be purchased online or in your area. Elevate your kitchen game with these quality kitchen appliances.

Happy blending, fellow Nigerians!

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