Prices of House in Lekki, Lagos: Trends & 2024 Updates


Lekki has emerged as one of Lagos’ prime residential locations, attracting affluent homebuyers with its luxury offerings, amenities, and strategic location.

This article examines property valuations and influencers shaping the competitive Lekki real estate market.

Prices of House in Lekki

Overview of Lekki House Prices

Lekki real estate is premium-priced to match the area’s upscale reputation. Current house listings show:

  • Average Price: ₦124,850,370
  • Most Expensive: ₦2,000,000,000
  • Least Expensive: ₦5,000,000
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Despite steep valuations, demand continues climbing given limited land availability and Lekki’s allure. Investors aiming to buy Lekki property should prepare for high purchase costs.

Breakdown of Lekki House Prices by Type

Lekki home prices span a wide gamut based on property specifics:


  • 2-Bedroom Apartment: ₦40,000,000 (average)
  • 3-Bedroom Apartment: ₦65,000,000 (average)

Detached Duplexes

  • 4-Bedroom: ₦120,000,000 (average)
  • 5-Bedroom: ₦200,000,000 (average)

Semi-Detached Duplexes

  • 3-Bedroom: ₦95,000,000 (average)
  • 4-Bedroom: ₦140,000,000 (average)

Terraced Duplexes

  • 3-Bedroom: ₦85,000,000 (average)
  • 4-Bedroom: ₦110,000,000 (average)


  • 2-Bedroom: ₦85,000,000 (average)
  • 3-Bedroom: ₦140,000,000 (average)

Official Prices Chart

Property Type2-Bed3-Bed4-Bed
Apartment₦40 million₦65 million
Detached Duplex₦120 million
Semi-Detached Duplex₦95 million₦140 million
Terraced Duplex₦85 million₦110 million
Penthouse/Flat₦85 million₦140 million

Prices rise significantly for larger, more luxurious detached homes on sizeable plots. But all Lekki houses command well above national averages.

Key Factors Influencing Lekki House Prices

lekki house interior

Multiple elements drive lekki’s prime valuations:

Limited Land

  • Minimal available land increases the demand
  • High competition raises prices

Prime Location

  • Proximity to Victoria Island and Ikoyi
  • Accessible to Lagos centers


  • Excellent road connectivity
  • Reliable power and water supply


  • Malls, restaurants, clubs, parks nearby
  • Reputable schools and hospitals


  • Low crime rate compared to Lagos mainland
  • Gated communities with guards


  • Ocean views and proximity add value
  • Lekki Phase 1 sites especially costly

Investor Interest

  • Strong appetite from foreign and local investors
  • Buy-to-let purchases boost prices

With constrained supply and rising interest, buyers pay a large premium for Lekki residences.

Lekki duplex

Impact of House Features on Lekki Prices

Beyond macro location factors, a home’s specific features influence its valuation including:


Adding pools, gyms, cinemas, and gardens increases values. Automation, generators, and laundry rooms also command higher prices.


Refurbished, modernized and extended homes fetch higher sales prices.


More bedrooms and bathrooms raise a home’s worth, if well-utilized.


Well-maintained, move-in-ready homes with good aesthetics sell for more.


Fully or partly furnished homes add convenience for buyers, enhancing prices.


CCTV, electric fencing, alarm systems, and guards add peace of mind for buyers and increase valuations.

Parking & Garages

Covered garages and ample parking suit Lekki’s car culture, raising home premiums.

Communal Facilities

Shared pools, recreation centers and green spaces in estates increase collective appeal.

Developer Reputation

Known brands like Elalan, Purple, Octanium, Landmark command higher perceptions.


Waterfront or golf course views raise values. Flood-prone areas decrease prices.

Personal Touches

Custom designs, décor, lighting and styles boost uniqueness and worth.

Green Technology

Solar power, water recycling and energy conservation add eco-value.

Lekki home prices ultimately depend on maximizing desirable features luxury homebuyers seek.

Price Variation by Location

The location within Lekki impacts house prices significantly. Homes in more prestigious areas like Lekki Phase 1, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island typically cost more.

For example, the average price of a 4-bedroom detached duplex in the upscale Lekki Phase 1 neighborhood is ₦200,000,000. Comparatively, an equivalent home in the still desirable but less exclusive Osapa London area averages ₦120,000,000.

Additional factors influencing Lekki property values include:

  • Level of development – More established areas with more amenities and infrastructure have higher prices.
  • Property quality – Well-built, maintained homes cost more than those needing repairs.
  • Amenities – Proximity to schools, hospitals, and shopping raises surrounding property values.

The current Lekki real estate market sees prices vary widely based on a home’s precise location, characteristics, and surrounding infrastructure and amenities.

Conducting thorough research with a reputable agent can help buyers and sellers determine fair prices for their unique situations. An expert guide also ensures the best outcomes in this dynamic and price-sensitive market.


With manifold amenities, security, exclusivity, and rising prominence, Lekki continues to gain ground as Lagos’ most prestigious suburb. Yet limited land supply further propels property appreciation.

Buyers must temper expectations and allocate ample budgets when investing in Lekki real estate. Well-selected homes deliver excellent future returns, but initial entry pricing remains high.

Partnering with a knowledgeable agent to identify value is key. Lekki retains immense growth prospects as Lagos expands.

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