Price of Houses in Redemption Camp, Ogun State


Redemption Camp, located in Ogun State, Nigeria, has become a popular residential area due to its serene environment, proximity to Lagos, and availability of basic amenities.

The camp is owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and attracts thousands of visitors annually.

The demand for houses in Redemption Camp has been on the rise, leading to increasing prices. This article provides an overview of the house prices in Redemption Camp based on recent market searches.

Average and Range of House Prices

According to Nigeria Property Centre, the average price of houses for sale near RCCG Redemption Camp is ₦88,300,000.

The price range is quite wide:

  • Most Expensive House: ₦150,000,000
  • Cheapest House: ₦26,600,000

Factors Affecting House Prices

The main factors affecting the prices of houses in Redemption Camp include:

  • Location – Houses located within the RCCG Redemption Camp Estate are more expensive than those outside the estate due to better security and amenities.
  • Size – Larger houses with more bedrooms and bathrooms tend to be more expensive.
  • Type of House – Duplexes and bungalows are generally more expensive than flats and apartments.
  • Facilities – Houses with additional facilities like swimming pool, gym, etc. command higher prices.

Overview of House Types in Redemption Camp

Redemption Camp offers different types of houses to suit varying needs and budgets:

Bungalows and Apartments

These are popular affordable options available in different sizes and can be furnished or unfurnished. Some options include:

  • 3 bedroom bungalows
  • 4 bedroom executive bungalows
  • Apartments with excellent facilities

Land and Commercial Properties

  • Land measuring 600 sqm for those looking to build houses
  • Commercial properties like shops, offices, warehouses

Online Listings

Platforms like Hutbay, Nigeria Property Centre, and offer a wide range of property listings in Redemption Camp.

Safety Tips for Buyers

When searching for houses for sale in Redemption Camp, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Verify property details before making payments
  • Only deal with reputable agents and property owners
  • Exercise caution with online listings to avoid scams
  • Report suspicious listings to the platform


In summary, Redemption Camp provides a variety of housing options for different budgets. As demand rises, house prices continue to increase but vary based on location, size, type of house, and other factors.

Follow the safety tips when searching online listings to find your ideal property.

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